‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Stars Jesse Williams And Sarah Drew Open Up About The Future Of Jackson And April

Most Grey’s Anatomy fans would love to see Jackson Avery and April Kepner, or “Japril” as many like to call them, back together. The two surgeons have had one of the most turbulent relationships during the show’s 14 seasons, but the friends-turned-lovers are popular because what they have together is obviously true love.

However, the two characters currently find themselves in the midst of an awkward love triangle, but Jesse Williams (Jackson) and Sarah Drew (April) want them back together as much as their fans do.

Last season, April told Jackson that Maggie Pearce (played by Kelly McCreary) had feelings for him, and Closer Weekly reports that Executive Producer Krista Vernoff says once something like that is out there, it is difficult to take back. Even though April named a thing that might not have been real, saying it could make it real. And fans will enjoy watching Jackson and Maggie navigate through what April said.

There has been awkward chemistry between Jackson and Maggie, and Vernoff revealed that it will be a major storyline this season on Grey’s Anatomy. A potential relationship between them isn’t a popular idea among fans since Jackson’s mom is married to Maggie’s biological dad, essentially making them step-siblings.


But, according to PopSugar, fans may have no choice but to accept that Jackson and Maggie could get together.

Still, fans – and Williams and Drew – hold out hope that Jackson and April will find their way back to each other again.

“I’m just always rooting for them to get back together because they’re great and I can’t understand,” Drew said. “There was stuff that made sense for them to be apart, but now it feels like that’s in the past… Japril forever!”


In one of the greatest Grey’s episodes ever, fans will never forget how Jackson stood up in front of everyone and professed his love for April right after she walked down the aisle to marry another man.


The two have been through so much together. They started with a spontaneous wedding, endured the heartbreaking stillborn birth of their son Samuel, spent time apart while April was in the Middle East, and have co-parented Harriett after divorcing.

They are an iconic Grey’s Anatomy couple, and everyone is ready to see them together again.

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