Tesla Released A Phone Charger That Looks Like A Supercharger Monument

Tesla has been dropping so many new products lately that one of them seems to have slipped through the cracks. Between the reveal of The Tesla Semi and The Roadster, Tesla also released a phone charger.

According to Engadget, the Tesla phone charger is an external battery pack, also known as the Powerbank, that can charge your Android or iOS device wherever you go. It has USB, micro USB, and Apple Lightning connections and uses a single 18650 cell battery with 3,350mAh. This is the same battery that Tesla uses in their Model S and Model X vehicles, but they use more than one cell in their cars.

The interesting thing about the phone battery back is that it looks like the Tesla Supercharger monument at the Tesla Design Studio. It has the signature Tesla black and red and has a streamlined design that looks futuristic.

The Tesla phone charger costs $45, but according to the company website, it’s sold out at the moment. As the Verge reports, Tesla also makes a charger for the desktop. That also costs $45, but it’s sold out as well.

If you’re disappointed that you can’t get a branded phone charger from Tesla, you’ll have to wait on Elon Musk and Co. to start selling them again. Or you can actually make your own once you have access to a 3D printer.

A Tesla super-fan named Martin Hensen used a 3D printer to create a charger that looks like the Supercharging stations that Tesla uses for its cars.