Angelina Jolie Reportedly Recently Hurt Brad Pitt So Much That He Rushed Into Jennifer Aniston’s Open Arms

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and their six children haven’t been seen together since the divorce bombshell. Although Jolie has been stepping out on the red carpet and been spotted shopping with one or more of the kids, Pitt has never been seen with the children. One report claims that the situation has taken its toll on Brad, with one experience, in particular, making him feel so hurt and lonely that he headed back to Jennifer Aniston, who greeted her boomerang boyfriend with open arms as her own marriage reportedly fizzles.

Brad Pitt Trying To Hide As He Deals With New Divorce Drama?

Angelina Jolie repeatedly has talked in interviews about her struggles in the wake of the divorce, even discussing how Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Vivienne, Knox, and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt are coping. But the Daily Mail pointed out that in contrast to Jolie’s frequent sightings, her estranged actor husband seems to be attempting to steer clear of the public spotlight.

“Brad Pitt seemed to be channeling a cat burglar look, as he did some chores in Hollywood, clad completely in black for the outing.”

It’s a dramatic change for Pitt, who formed an A-list couple with Jolie starting in 2005. Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston prior to leaving her for Angelina. Brangelina became a married couple in 2014.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reportedly have reconnected.
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reportedly have reconnected. [Image by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images]

But it’s reportedly trying to co-parent their six kids (Maddox, Pax, and Zahara are adopted, while Vivienne, Knox, and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt are their biological kids) that has turned into the biggest divorce drama. And despite that cat burglar appearance, Pitt apparently hasn’t succeeded in hiding his true feelings from insiders, one of whom has been revealing how and why Brad returned to Jennifer Aniston.

Angelina Jolie’s Recent Actions Push Brad Pitt Back To Jennifer Aniston?

According to Celebrity Insider, Angelina recently “caused Brad Pitt to run back to Jennifer Aniston.” The situation reportedly began when his children and Jolie got together for a big party at Halloween. Apparently, Brad was missing from the guest list.

“A huge party thrown by Angelina Jolie and his children…made [Brad Pitt] realize how much the divorce has cut him out of their kids’ lives. Is the hurt…causing him to run back to Jennifer Aniston?”

The big bash reportedly attracted a star-studded guest list, featuring all of Angelina’s friends and the kids’ buddies. The source claimed that although “everyone important to them was there,” Brad was not seen.

But Gossip Cop emphasized that “the assertion that Jolie won’t let her estranged husband see their children simply isn’t true.” Instead, Angelina said in an interview this year that she is experiencing an improvement in her relationship with Brad.

“We care for each other and care about our family, and we are both working towards the same goal,” said Jolie.


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Gossip Cop also claimed that the rumors about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are not true.

Jennifer Aniston Available And Willing To Ease Brad Pitt’s Pain?

But Celebrity Insider’s source alleged that Pitt was hurt by the rumors of a party that he didn’t attend. Consequently, he reportedly reunited with Jennifer Aniston. Brad and Jennifer started their romance in 1998, tying the knot in a dream wedding before the romance turned into a nightmare for Aniston when he left her for Angelina.

Now, however, Pitt and the Friends alum are forgiving and forgetting the past and focusing on their future, according to the source. It appears to be perfect timing as far as Jennifer is concerned, who allegedly is having her own relationship issues.

“Jennifer Aniston is married to Justin Theroux, but there is speculation that things aren’t going well.”

Aniston and her current husband have been photographed together only a few times recently, with Justin seen at red carpet events without Jennifer. The insider emphasized that Brad doesn’t want to break up Aniston’s marriage, but he reportedly would be willing to try for a second round of romance if Jennifer and Justin split.

Jennifer Aniston Eager To Become Stepmom To Brad Pitt’s Six Kids?

While Pitt has faced numerous rumors that he is dating again, the publication pointed out that Brad recently denied the allegations that he is dating Charlotte Casiraghi. Instead, he reportedly is putting his attention on resolving the custody arrangement with Angelina.

Jennifer Aniston has never had children. Would she be hesitant about becoming a part-time stepmom if Pitt gets joint custody of the kids? The publication’s source hinted that Jenifer is willing.

“[Jennifer Aniston is] completely supportive of Pitt getting joint custody of the kids.”

Adding to the rumors that Aniston’s marriage is fizzling and that she’s available for Brad, an insider told Life & Style that Jennifer and Justin are battling. The couple reportedly is “clashing” over where to live, causing problems in their relationship.

Moreover, in terms of becoming a stepmom, an eyewitness said that Aniston seems to have “baby fever,” looking “smitten at the sight of children.” Regarding Jennifer’s and Brad’s feelings toward each other, another source quoted by the magazine confirmed that the two are enjoying renewing their relationship.

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