‘Little People, Big World’: Audrey Roloff Accused Of Not Being Motherly As Jeremy Shares Baby Ember Update

Audrey Roloff has been through a lot these past months. She carried her daughter for nine months, risked her own life to give birth to Ember Jean, and had to go through the usual brouhaha a new mother goes through despite suffering twice from an infection. Yet, all these seem not enough as some followers of Little People, Big World still think that Audrey is not being “motherly” enough.

The mommy-shaming has not stopped ever since Audrey and Jeremy had Ember. As a matter of fact, her detractors have never been in short supply even during her pregnancy. Back then, Audrey was shamed for posting bare stomach pregnancy photos, as some people found them inappropriate.

Lately, Audrey has been called out for her choice of clothes and for those she dresses baby Ember in. When Audrey brought Ember to the doctor for her monthly checkup, one fan thought that her pair of ripped jeans was inappropriate for such a professional setting, Us Magazine reported. In her previous posts, Audrey was trolled for letting Ember wear ugly brown tights and always covering her head.

The most recent issue that fans of Little People, Big World are throwing at Audrey is her penchant for promoting stuff on social media. Like her mother-in-law Amy, Audrey has been called out for promoting different products on social media. While Audrey and Amy have every right to do as they please with their Facebook and Instagram accounts, some so-called fans choose to take these negatively.


Yesterday, Audrey shared a photo of herself cuddling with baby Ember. It included a heartfelt message about wanting to do more for her faith rather than spend her time on social media. The irony of sharing that message through Instagram and Facebook was not lost on her and she even called herself out for it.

What got the goat of some of Audrey’s fans is the promotional stuff at the end of the post. Audrey mentioned where people can buy the blanket similar to the one she wrapped around her and Ember. Some fans said that they were unfollowing Audrey because of this.

Jeremy earlier posted a different angle of the beautiful moment shared by Audrey and Ember. Jeremy also included an update on baby Ember, who turned two months and one week old. According to Jeremy, Ember is “busy cutting two bottom teeth” and is now capable of rolling over since yesterday. Jeremy also said that Ember rolled over 12 times before she got exhausted and started crying.


In the midst of the many wonderful teething stories and other positive comments about the post, there was one follower who said that Audrey was not being motherly enough. The follower, who goes by kissey33, started off by accusing Audrey and Jeremy of forcing Ember to achieve milestones such as rolling over 12 times, which she thought would have been traumatic for baby Ember.

“Wow.. u guys r great but Audrey so doesn’t seem motherly at all,” said the fan.

The follower also compared Audrey to Tori before saying that she has watched Little People, Big World “a couple of times” and that she thought Audrey didn’t act motherly in those episodes.

One fan described the mommy-shaming as “a horrible thing to do,” while another reminded the follower to say nothing at all if she only had negative things to say. She was also reminded that Audrey has mastitis and her persistence to breastfeed Ember is proof of her being motherly.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Roloff/Instagram]