November 19, 2017
Ben Affleck Admits To Taking Batarangs From The Set Of 'Justice League'

Bringing home souvenirs is something that many people do, and there have been plenty of celebrities who have admitted to bringing home something from the set of their movies in honor of the work they did. During a recent interview, Ben Affleck admitted that he actually brought a prop from the set of Justice League home with him. However, it seems that the studio did not exactly let him get away with it.

According to a report from Cinema Blend, Ben Affleck admitted to Stephen Colbert that he took home some batarangs from the set of Justice League. It seems that even Affleck knows just how cool it is that he is Batman in the DC Extended Universe, which led to him deciding that it was worth it to bring home a prop that represented his character. Although he may have initially "stolen" the batarangs, the people behind the film figured it out and actually sent him a bill.

While speaking to Stephen Colbert about any number of topics, including Justice League, Ben Affleck was asked if he was able to bring home anything from the set. The actor shared that there may have been one or two things that ended up going home with him after filming, including the batarangs. However, Affleck also told Colbert that "you can't exactly have been stealing if you got billed for it, which is what happened to me."

Although Ben Affleck may have been trying to bring home a Justice League souvenir, it turns out that the batarangs are actually quite expensive. In fact, the actor said that it "turns out batarangs aren't cheap."

Ben Affleck was not the only person from the Justice League to bring home something from the set, according to Cinema Blend. During the press tour stop in London, both Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller admitted that they actually took home a prop or two as well. In fact, it seems both men also took home a little something from the Batcave, although it appears that they at least stayed away from the batarangs.

Ezra Miller admitted that he took little things from the set of Justice League, before sharing that Jason Momoa had done the same thing. Momoa then called himself "a natural born thief" before admitting that the little "mementos" he brought home with him were the "little bullets with a little red cap on top of them." Miller called the bullets "Bat bullets," which his costar agreed with. Jason Momoa then explained that the souvenirs he brought home from the set were given to his son.

While Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller, and Jason Momoa all seemed to bring home small souvenirs in honor of their work on the Justice League movie, the only one who has admitted to being billed for anything is Affleck, who apparently grabbed one of the more expensive small props from the set.

[Featured Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]