Violent 'Manspreader' Arrested In NYC After Allegedly Punching Female Subway Rider In The Face

A New York woman, who claims to have been the victim of a violent "manspreader" on the N train subway through Bensonhurst, can sleep a little easier this weekend. That's because the man who allegedly verbally attacked and even allegedly physically assaulted 37-year-old Sam Saia by punching her in the face on Thursday has been arrested for his violent crime, according to a report by the New York Post. According to the victim, the violent manspreader sat next to her on the subway on Thursday morning -- she was on her way to work in Manhattan -- at around 7:45 a.m., and immediately began crowding her out of her space on the train.

Turning to Facebook to describe her experience, Saia wrote that her fellow subway rider-turned-attacker invaded her personal space by pressing her against the wall when he "man spread excessively." In response, she claims she asked her alleged attacker to give her some more room. His initial response, according to his alleged victim, was nothing less than a vulgar verbal assault.

"He proceeded to press me against the wall and man spread me excessively. When I asked him to give me room, he yelled 'B***h, you ain't nothing! I've raped white b*****s like you, f*****g c**t! You ain't nothing, you f*****g b***h!"
At that point, Sam Saia attempted to both avoid a further confrontation and ignore the seemingly psychotic man by putting in her earbuds. Unfortunately, her efforts to defuse the situation failed, and the angry manspreader continued his profane tirade. Then, according to the victim and witnesses on the train, the angry manspreader punched Saia in the face, hitting her so hard, her head was banged off of the subway car wall. That's when good samaritan Victor Conde intervened in the situation, and the remainder of the altercation was caught on camera.
Saia was reportedly hit so hard by the subway manspreader that she ended up with a bloody lip. While Saia struggled to deal with the shock of her alleged subway assault, her rescuer did everything in his power to separate her from her attacker, pressuring the manspreader to get off of the train at the next stop.

By Friday night, the brave commuter was back on the N train. Not, however, without some degree of fear. That's because her attacker, yet-to-be-identified, was still out there. And, according to Conde, the verbally abusive and physically abusive manspreader was "not all there," leaving his victim with the very legitimate worry that she could be retaliated against for reporting her alleged assault.

"He was definitely not all there. She just wanted him off the train. So I said, 'Get the 'F' off the train.'"
According to Saia, she attempted to report the violent assault to 17th Precinct on 51st Street on Thursday morning, only to be told that she had to file a report with transit cops in Brooklyn. However, when she tried to do just that, officers allegedly told her not to come by, that she could file an official complaint at any precinct. As the New York Post reports, the subway manspreader victim became so frustrated with her runaround that she took her story to Twitter, resulting in a personal call from the chief of all NYPD Transit to ensure her that her complaint would be "speedily handled."
"It's a shame I had to put it on social media for something to be done about it. Now they are going above and beyond to help me, I'm a little floored. I'm sorry I had to blow this up."
By Saturday, New York police announced that they had arrested the violent manspreader, identified as 56-year-old Derek Smith of Brooklyn, and charged him with assault. According to his alleged victim, she's ecstatic at the "excellent news," and to know that her violent fellow subway rider can't hurt her or anyone else again, at least in the foreseeable future.
"This is amazing news and I'm relieved that he is unable to harm anyone else or retaliate against me. Excellent news!
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