Shane Kilcher From 'Alaska: The Last Frontier' Injured After Ladder Fall

Charlinda Robinson

Shane and Kelli Kilcher have been working on building their own home on the Kilcher homestead, and fans of the show have watched their slow, but steady progress. Alaska: The Last Frontier shared a comment and video earlier on their Facebook page that Shane fell from a ladder while working on the house, and broke the L2 vertebrae in his back.

"Life on the Alaskan frontier carries a constant risk of injury, and we've just received news from the homestead that Shane took a hard fall while working on his house," the post states. "More details to come."

The video shows several members of the Kilcher family standing around his hospital bed in the intensive care unit (ICU) in Homer, Alaska. A tearful Kelli shares that, at this time, they're not sure exactly what they're looking at with this injury, and that Shane has always been the strong one. There is a horizontal fracture two-thirds of the way through bone.

A segment of the clip shows Shane working on the cabin while Kelli says, "He's not moving, and if he's not gonna be able to get around, and he's supposed to take care of things and he does all the heavy lifting and he's doing all the building, so..." Shane comes from a sturdy and resilient family, and although the cabin will have to wait a little longer to be completed, it is a certainty that with the family's help, Shane and Kelli will get it built.

When Atz Lee Kilcher took a near-fatal fall off a cliff in an area called Otter Cover in Kachemak Bay in August of 2015, the family was there to offer their support. The Inquisitr reported that he suffered severe injuries from the fall, including 25 broken bones and two punctured lungs. Last season on Alaska: The Last Frontier, viewers watched Atz Lee as he struggled to fight his way toward a full recovery. This season, he seems physically and mentally fit and strong; no doubt the hard work he put into building his own cabin helped see him through. Atz Lee will undoubtedly be there to give his brother a hand whenever needed.

[Featured Image by Kelli Ware Kilcher/Facebook]