‘Dragon Ball Super’ May Have Revealed The Final Form Of Goku’s Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super returned last weekend in an episode that showcased the battle of the Saiyans from Universes 6 and 7. Both Kale and Caulifla were kicked out of their fusion character named Kafla when Goku fired an epic Kamehameha. The girl launched all her Ki blast in an attempt to take down the hero. The U7 veteran was already in his Ultra Instinct form for the second time since his fight with Jiren. However, a new theory suggests that the UI possesses a final form that Goku has yet to unveil.

On Reddit, user Cinnahawk believes that Dragon Ball Super already has a big plan for the Ultra Instinct that Goku will soon unleash during his rematch with Jiren The Grey. When Toei Animation revealed a gorgeous poster of the hero’s brand new form, fans were in awe to see the hero’s new look. The Saiyan warrior sports his traditional SSJ spiked-hair although it remains black with his new silver eyes.

What piques fans’ interests is the white-blue and red aura surrounding him whilst in his Ultra Instinct form. However, when Goku debuted the new form during his backbreaking battle with the strongest Pride Trooper of Universe 11, the red aura did not appear. The red part wasn’t seen either when he transformed into UI during his fight against Kale and Caullifla.

“I think the red part of the aura in the shirtless Goku teaser is the mastered attack part of UI and whatever happens to remove his shirt will trigger his final growth into mastering the ability to unconsciously attack in his round two fight with Jiren.”

According to the Redditor, the red aura could be a signifier that Goku has mastered the Ultra Instinct and this might happen once he fights with Jiren again. A lot of Dragon Ball Super fans also agreed to this theory as the color is possibly the hero’s approach that will hurl his mastery of the form to a new level. Comic Book points out that if this theory turns to be real, it’s possible that U7 veteran’s brand new transformation could whip out a colorful final form.

During Dragon Ball Super Episode 116, Kafla told Goku that his punches were skimpy, but the hero said that he’s already getting the hang of it. Although he was good at dodging the attacks, Whis noticed that his offensive wasn’t as good as what he does with scurrying away from the assaults. The attendant said that Goku still has to learn how to attack without the need to think of his body movements.

As what fans suggested, the red aura might surface as soon as the Universe 7 veteran masters his Ultra Instinct form. If it happens, then fans certainly know as to who he is fighting. Jiren is just right there meditating and deliberately waiting for another skirmish.

Goku transforms into Ultra Instinct on Dragon Ball Super

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