Ex-Bond Hopes ‘Skyfall’ Gets Oscar Nods

One former Bond is hoping that Skyfall picks up honors at this year’s Academy Awards.

You’d think that former Bonds would be eating each other up with envy and competition, but they seem to be a classy bunch of guys. First, Roger Moore complimented Daniel Craig as his personal favorite James Bond. Now, Timothy Dalton is urging Oscar voters to honor 2012’s Skyfall with a couple of nods.

Dalton, who played James Bond in two films between 1987 and 1989, gushed on Skyfall, saying that the Sam Mendes-directed film was “right at the forefront” of modern cinema.

“It is absolutely time for Bond to get proper attention at the Oscars. On almost every level this Bond movie is right at the forefront of what cinema is capable of. It is an absolutely modern James Bond, a movie truly of its time. Daniel Craig is fantastic, and it feels very real. I thought the film was fabulous,” Dalton told the Sunday Express.

Despite its popularity and longevity, the James Bond series has never really been much for Oscar glory, reports MSN. Goldfinger picked up Best Sound Effects in 1964, and Thunderball got Best Special Visual Effects afterwards.

Still, Skyfall has gotten unanimous critical praise, so it is possible. It’s probably not going to take home any of the acting awards (despite stellar and gripping performances all-around) but cinematography, directing, and production design nominations (and potentially awards) could easily slip into Skyfall‘s pocket. It was one of the most beautiful films of the year, if nothing else.

But we’ll find out on January 10 when the 2013 Academy Award nominations are unveiled. Gold-fingers crossed, Bond fans!