November 18, 2017
Miley Cyrus Shares Liam Hemsworth Photo That Drives Her Fans Wild

Singer Miley Cyrus recently shared a Liam Hemsworth photo that she was swooning over causing fans to react wildly online. Hemsworth is the star of the hit Hunger Games movie franchise, and also the boyfriend of one Miley Cyrus. The couple also has quite a few fans around the world, some of whom want them to tie the knot and others who may want to see them split apart so they'll both be single. However, Miley's recent post shows how strong her attraction is for Hemsworth as rumors of a marriage for the couple continue to hit the internet with no real announcement made.

In the photo she shared on her Twitter page, Miley gushes over boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and just how "hunky" he looks in the shot of him posing in a black t-shirt in front of a car. That post from Friday morning has led to well over 200,000 Likes, just under 30,000 re-tweets, and over 1,000 comments. The comments ranged from praising Miley Cyrus for claiming Liam Hemsworth as her man, to telling her that she and her man will "make beautiful babies" together. Of course, there were a few comments reflecting jealousy here or there as well, as several commenters trying to tell Miley that Liam is their man.

As fans know, looks run in the Hemsworth family. Liam's older brother Chris is the star of the recently-released Thor Ragnarok film and plays the title role in the three movies in the Thor franchise from Marvel. He's appeared in Avengers and Avengers 2. Chris is also slated for a few more Marvel Avengers movies within the next few years.

The next film on the upcoming releases for Liam Hemsworth will be Isn't It Romantic, which is on track for release in 2019. Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine will also be part of the cast, as well as Priyanka Chopra. In the film, Hemsworth takes on the role of one of Wilson's two love interests.

Cyrus first started her relationship with Liam Hemsworth back in 2010, as the two were co-stars in the Nicholas Sparks' based film The Last Song. In more recent years, fans have been wondering if the two might decide to tie the knot. So far it seems Miley Cyrus is happy just to have Liam Hemsworth as her boyfriend, but based on the gushing she's doing online, she probably wouldn't mind more.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]