November 18, 2017
Stilettos To Flats In A Click Of A Button: Runway Heels Are Convertible Shoes, Heels Retract For A Brisk Walk

There are some new shoes that are like little Transformer robots for your feet, but they are more stylish and they don't have hidden weapons. These new shoes go from heels to flats with just a click of a button. A company called Runway Heels apparently took notice of how frequently some women change their footwear from heels to flats and back again within their hectic daily schedules. With the constant juggling of shoes in mind, they set out to make life easier.

Changing from heels to flats often entails carrying an extra pair of shoes around in your purse or an additional bag throughout the day. A California-based company worked with silicon valley engineers to create these "convertible shoes" that give you two pair of shoes in one.

According to the Daily Mail, you have six styles to choose from when it comes to the convertible shoes. The brand was founded by a woman who saw the need for versatile footwear for women. Melody Avecilla set out to make these convertible shoes happen.

Wearing a pair of stiletto heels in your place of work sounds easy enough, and it is if you are lucky enough to get door to door service from home to your office and back again. But for the women who need to walk to the subway, train station, and through long parking lots, those stiletto heels can tire you out before the day begins.

If you think hitting a pothole with your car is murder on the chassis, just think what hitting a pothole in high heels can do to your back, legs, and ankles. As the Daily Mail suggests, plenty of data exists today on how wearing high heels for prolonged periods of time can cause harm to your back. When you see photos and videos of all the pedestrians during rush-hour traffic in any given city, you tend to see many of the women who are wearing skirts and dresses also wearing sneakers. They are making their trek to and from work in shoes that are comfortable for walking.Instead of carrying that extra pair of flats or sneakers to make that walk much more comfortable than tackling it in your stilettos, all you need to do is click a button on your Runway Heels. That small button you need to click is found on the side of each shoe to either retract the heel or let it down.

When in the position for flats, the heel is stored in the underside of the shoe and when you want heels, the touch of a button brings the heels down and locks them into place. The shoes are offered in several styles and colors with the price ranging from $199 to $249 a pair, but when you think about it, each pair really gives you a pair of heels and a pair of flats, so it's like getting two pairs for the price of one.

[Featured Image by fizkes/Shutterstock]