November 18, 2017
Trump Polls: Gallup Approval Rating At 39 Percent - But Trump Is Shown Higher Poll Numbers

President Donald Trump pays a lot of attention to poll numbers, but a new report claims that those close to Trump only present him with poll numbers that show the most favorable approval ratings. As reported by Politico, Trump posted the below photo to his Twitter account, showing that Trump's Rasmussen tracking poll number was at 46 percent. Trump claimed the poll number reflected one of the most accurate polls out there and added that some people think his approval rating could be 50 percent or higher, without specifying who "some people" were. The Rasmussen poll showed Trump's approval rating dropping to 42 percent on Friday, November 17.

According to Gallup Daily, Trump's job approval rating sank to 39 percent that same day. However, it's not clear just how many poll numbers are shown to Trump. Politico reports that White House aides many times present the polls to Trump that will put him in a better mood and are specifically designed to reflect Trump polls in a good light. Such poll numbers might be ones that are comprised of the views of Trump voters and Trump supporters. Trump's aides also show him the Rasmussen poll, if the numbers are high enough.

Trump's interests in polls reflect what other presidents have done in the past, such as former President Bill Clinton using polls to decide where to take a vacation prior to the 1996 election. Other former presidents, like George W. Bush, didn't care as much about poll numbers as a new Commander-in-Chief.

Whereas poll numbers are a concern for Trump's base of support, according to Newsweek, the least popular president is also losing the support of Republicans. Poll numbers become troublesome when they reflect the fact that certain Trump voters have decreased support for Trump since the election. Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, reportedly tells Trump not to rely so heavily on polls in the traditional sense of the data.

"The numbers Trump are shown are almost always higher than his public polling numbers."
The report claims that Trump is shown poll numbers that track higher than trusted, traditional polling numbers. While Trump gets advice to focus only on his base and those who support Trump or the GOP, others urge Trump to expand his bipartisan efforts. Despite attempts to pull the polling wool over Trump's eyes, Trump aides say that he tracks the Gallup poll often, therefore knows his average approval rating hovers around 38 percent.

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]