Donald Trump Impeachment: Even Some Democrats Think It's A Bad Idea

Donald Trump's impeachment came to a step closer to possibly becoming a reality last week when six House Democrats officially introduced Articles of Impeachment against the president. However, most analysts agree that the effort is, at the very least, premature, and even some top Democrats think it's a bad idea.

As Time reports, none other than House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi thinks impeachment is, at this point during the Trump administration, a "waste of time and energy."

In a speech on Friday, Pelosi laid out a list of reasons why she's not behind the effort to impeach Trump at this time. First, she said that there are bigger things on Democrats' plates, such as "the well-being of American families." Second, she said that Trump just "isn't that important." Third, she said that impeachment would simply further divide Americans, at a time when coming together is more important.

Pelosi, who was also in office during the impeachment of then-president Bill Clinton, juxtaposed the Clinton impeachment against a possible Trump impeachment, describing the Clinton ordeal as "frivolous" and saying that a Trump impeachment would be equally pointless.

In fact, Pelosi doesn't seem to have been on board with the idea of impeaching Trump at any point during his administration. Last month, she told Politico that impeachment proceedings are "not someplace that I think [democrats] should go."

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is also not on board with Trump impeachment efforts, according to Fox News, although for different reasons. Specifically, Schumer hinted that he may be open to the idea of impeachment at a later date, perhaps when there's more and better evidence on which to convict Trump. Right now he just doesn't think it's there.
"There may be a time. It is premature. And to call for [impeachment] now you might blow your shot when it has a better chance of happening."
Meanwhile, according to The Washington Post, any effort to impeach Trump is dead on arrival in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. The majority party can stall, or even outright kill, the impeachment effort simply by not scheduling hearings on the articles of impeachment filed last week. And that is almost certainly the course GOP leaders in the House will likely take.

Still, Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, a Democrat, says he fully supports the impeachment efforts.

"I see a crime and I have a responsibility to dial 911 immediately. I don't call and try to reach consensus with all my neighbors and all my friends and those whose opinion I might seek out."
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