November 18, 2017
Dr. Phil: Woman Is Divorcing Her Husband For A Kenyan Man She Never Met

Dr. Phil McGraw found himself in the middle of a bizarre divorce story this week, sending his crew as far away as Kenya to get to the bottom of the story of a woman who's planning on leaving her husband of nearly two decades for a man she's never met.

As WWLP (Springfield, Massachusetts) reported, one of the weirder couples to ever show up on the set of the popular syndicated show are Keith and Sarah, whose story was featured in an episode last week. The two have been married for 18 years, but Sarah plans to leave Keith in February when she gets her tax return money. Specifically, she's heading to Kenya, to marry a man she's never even met!

According to Nairobi News, Keith says that Sarah developed a fondness for chatting with African men when a "Nigerian pastor" prayed for her. Those chats soon became sexual in nature, and she became particularly fond of chatting with a man claiming to be named "Kevin." Kevin says he's 26 and is a pastor and apparently his sexual prowess, even over the keyboard, is unmatched by Keith.

"When I asked her what Kevin has that I don't, she was, 'Oh, you don't wanna compare, there is no way you can compare even when you did on Viagra.'"
Sarah's friends and family, meanwhile, are convinced she's being scammed. But she's not having it.
"When I met Kevin, I was really taken by his gentleness. Kevin is a really happy person, and he is a beautiful African man."
All of this proved to be a bit too much for Dr. Phil, and he decided to get to the bottom of this story in the most literal possible sense. He sent an investigator and a camera crew to Kenya, to meet the man claiming to be a pastor while at the same time carrying on sex chats with a married woman a continent away.

As it turns out, Kevin is a real person who really does run a Christian orphanage in the village of Ogembo. As you can see in the video embedded below, Kevin seems to be genuinely in love with Sarah, and wants to leave Kenya and take on her four children as his own.

"When I meet her face to face, I will just hold her, hug her, then I will say to her, 'Welcome, my love.'"

[Featured Image by Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP]