November 18, 2017
'Counting On' Stars Joy-Anna Duggar And Austin Forsyth Expecting Twins?

Recent pictures of Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar-Forsyth have sparked interest among fans because her large baby bump makes her appear more than six months pregnant. Many believe it is because the 20-year-old, who married Austin Forsyth in May, got pregnant before she got married, but others are saying that she must be expecting twins.

According to Christian Today, Duggar-Forsyth claims to have gotten pregnant on her honeymoon in Geneva, Switzerland, just days after she walked down the aisle. But, the prevailing theory is that the baby happened before the wedding, which is a huge deal when you are part of an extremely conservative Christian family, who is famous for condemning not just premarital sex, but any and all physical contact before marriage.

The International Business Times reports that two friends of the reality TV stars run the Duggar Family blog, and they recently posted a picture of Duggar-Forsyth with a caption that she is 23 weeks pregnant. The blog then shared photos of her sisters Jill Duggar-Dillard and Jessa Duggar-Seewald and said that Jill's baby bump was similar to Joy-Anna's at the same point in her pregnancy with her first son, Israel.

Duggar-Forsyth and her husband posted the same picture on their Instagram account, which also included Forsyth's Army veteran grandpa, with a caption that included thanks to soldiers for defending our freedom, a Bible verse, and a quote from Ronald Reagan. They didn't write anything about the pregnancy.

The Duggar family blog defended Joy-Anna Duggar-Forsyth before when she posted a baby bump pic 20 weeks after her wedding, and two doctors (who have not treated the reality star) claimed that she looked to be 24-26 weeks along.At that time, the blog said that Duggar-Forsyth was 18 weeks along and due in early March.

No one knows if Counting On will address the issues surrounding her pregnancy. The show chose to ignore the fact that she was expecting in the recent season finale, and TLC has yet to pick up the show for another season.

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and Austin Forsyth have yet to tell their side of the story themselves, but there is a strong belief among fans that the young couple is expecting twins because they run in the Duggar family.

[Featured Image by The Duggar Family/Facebook]