November 18, 2017
Trump's Wedding Cake Auction Spawns Few Bidders, But 12-Year-Old Cake Still Sells For $2,240

Donald and Melania Trump's wedding cake auction went off without a hitch and without a lot of bidders as well. The cake, which was expected to sell somewhere in the ballpark of $1,000 to $2,000 dollars, did sell for a bit over that, at $2,440. But the lack of interest in owning this piece of cake was seen with the small number of bidders competing to be the new owner.

According to First Post, there were just six-bidders vying for Trump's wedding cake, which they reported in their article published on November 18, the day after the bidding closed. At least the estimated price was realized, but it appears a piece of memorabilia from the Trump wedding wasn't a hot item when it came to celebrity auctions if only a half a dozen folks placed a bid.

According to Julian's Auction's, which is the California-based auction house that handled this auction, the cake bidding closed on November 17, with the top bid of $2,24o. It is unknown who paid out a few thousand dollars for this wedding cake, as the delectable, however probably stale treat, was not an actual piece of the cake made for Trump's wedding.

If you bid on Donald and Melania Trump's wedding cake auction you weren't bidding on the entire $50,000 cake they had created for their wedding and you weren't even going to get a piece of that cake if you happened to be the winning bidder. What was on that auction block was boxed mini cake designed as a wedding favor, that Donald And Melania Trump's wedding guests were given to take home with them.

Selling an old piece of wedding cake isn't very interesting, but the story behind Trump's wedding cake is a bit intriguing and could leave you scratching your head, or at least with an eyebrow raised. When Donald and Melania Trump were married back in 2005, the pastry chef at Mar-A-Lago at the time created a $50,000 wedding cake for the event.

As you might imagine a cake for the wedding of Donald Trump was lavish, as all seven tiers of it were embellished with 3,000 iced roses. But as beautiful as it was, the cake was never served to the wedding guests, according to Fox News.

The art-like creation had too many wires running through it for the cake to be cut-up and served in neat portions to the guests, so instead, that $50,000 cake extraordinaire was eaten by the kitchen and service staff at the wedding held at Trump's Mar-A-Lago Resort. The guests had another cake served to them. Julien's Auctions describes just what was being auctioned off as a Donald and Melania Trump wedding cake.

"A souvenir wedding cake from the 2005 celebration of Donald Trump and Melania Knauss' marriage. The individual chocolate truffle cake with a single white frosting rose on top was a wedding favor to be taken home by guests. It is housed in a white paper box monogrammed M D T. The actual seven-tier wedding cake reportedly cost $50,000 and was not eaten by the wedding guests due to the amount of wire used to make it stand."
The wedding of Donald and Melania Trump was star-studded as A-list actors, top singers, sports icons and billionaire moguls were in attendance. Even Bill and Hillary Clinton were among the distinguished guests at this affair.

According to a previous Inquisitr article, the guests included: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Elton John, Matt Lauer, Tony Bennett, Shaquille O'Neill, and Diddy. These were just a few of the notable names who celebrated Donald and Melania Trump's marriage that day.

With all that money represented at the Trump wedding, you might be wondering which guest put their piece of cake up for auction? Newsweek asked earlier in the week -- "The question is, which guest is hawking their souvenir cake now that Trump is pres?" The names weren't revealed of both the original and new owner of Trump's wedding cake favor.

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