November 18, 2017
WWE 'Survivor Series 2017' Rumors: 3 Possible Surprises That Will Shock The WWE Universe & Alter Storylines

The Survivor Series 2017 could be one of the best PPVs of the year considering the efforts put in by the WWE officials. Looking at events that have transpired in the past few weeks, it appears WWE is planning to go all guns blazing. On the last episode of SmackDown, we saw Team Raw retaliate and make their intentions clear. While a lot has been going on in front of the camera, it appears that WWE officials have been working on the storylines that could result in possible surprises at the upcoming PPV.

The addition of Triple H and John Cena to their respective teams was a huge shock that left fans wondering about the possibilities that will result from it. It is impossible to predict the exact surprises that will occur at the event. However, taking into considerations several rumors and previous reports, here at top three surprises that can occur at the Survivor Series 2017.

Jason Jordan Turns Heel

Kurt Angle had earlier announced that Jason Jordan would be fifth and the last member of Team Raw. However, later Triple H announced himself as the fifth member of the Team Red devoiding Jason Jordan of a huge opportunity. It had been widely reported that Jordan could turn heel and help the Team SmackDown win the match.

It is worth noting that a loss for Raw would result in Kurt Angle losing his job as the general manager. The storyline of Jason as Angle's son has not done well, and this move will ensure that a future rivalry could be set between the kayfabe father and son. Some rumors also indicate that Jordan could reveal that he was never Kurt Angle's son, and all along was working with Triple H to remove Kurt Angle.

Jinder Mahal Interferes

A lot has changed for Jinder Mahal in the past few weeks. It was Jinder who had issued a challenge to Brock Lesnar leading to the current situation of intense rivalry between the two brands. Mahal officially does not have a match at the Survivor Series 2017, but it is unlikely that he will accept his defeat, especially considering that he was a Champion for five months and WWE's tour of India is around the corner.

WWE rumors hint that Jinder Mahal will interfere in the match involving AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar, as reported by Wrestlezone. It is possible that he could help AJ Styles and set up a match with Brock Lesnar, something that he initially wanted. However, it is also speculated that he could interfere so that AJ Styles can avoid losing cleanly to Brock Lesnar.

Samoa Joe turns on Finn Balor

Before injury kept him away from the ring, Samoa Joe was being built as a destructible force who could feud with even the best in the business. On the last episode of Monday Night Raw, Samoa Joe teamed up with Finn Balor to take on Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. While both Balor and Joe worked like natural tag team partners, their rivalry during the NXT days is renowned.

Samoa Joe could turn on Finn Balor
[Image by WWE]

It is being rumored that Samoa Joe could turn on Finn Balor resulting in the latter being eliminated. This would ensure that the WWE officials could work on the storyline involving a feud between Joe and Balor. Such a move will ensure a fierce rivalry that could culminate at the next PPV. On the contrary, there is also a slim chance of Joe eliminating John Cena to set-up a possible rivalry for future PPVs.

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