‘Dragon Ball Super’ Has Eliminated One Powerful Warrior

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Dragon Ball Super returned tonight with Episode 116, which focused on the battle of the Saiyan warriors once again in the person of Goku, Kale, and Caulilfla. The two female fighters have fused together using their Kaioshin’s Potara earrings, creating one powerful warrior named Kafla. Their battle continued in today’s episode, showcasing the return of Goku’s Ultra Instinct. Everyone was anxious if the hero would be able to champion the new form this time. Unfortunately for Kafla, Goku managed to counterattack, which led to the girl’s defeat.

Thanks to Todd Blankenship’s live tweet, everyone had a chance to know more about tonight’s episode of Dragon Ball Super, which featured one of the most epic battles in the history of the anime. Kafla was confident enough that she would be able to defeat Goku this time and powered up into Super Saiyan 2. However, the hero succeeded in dodging all of the girl’s attacks and God of Destruction Champa was already furious, saying that the Potara earrings were of no use.

Kafla was still determined to win the battle and admitted that Goku was doing good as his body appeared to be moving on its own, just like what Whis taught him before. The girl said that Goku’s punches are unremarkable, saying that she will surely beat the hero this time. Using all her Ki, Kafla moved around and fired one massive blast, but the U7 fighter dodged and took her down with a Kamehameha.

“You can’t beat me anymore.”

Dragon Ball Super had teased Kafla’s incalculable power before her battle with Goku, and some fans were not happy how the fusion became so powerful. The girl was able to kick the hero out of his Super Saiyan Blue. Krillin was even impressed by how resilient she was after Goku’s massive attacks, although Whis said that the hero’s assaults were lacking. Apparently, he hasn’t fully mastered his Ultra Instinct yet, but he said that he is getting the hang of it.

Fans were in awe when Goku went Ultra Instinct again, but others believe that the new form is triggered when the hero fights a powerful warrior. Whis said that the U7 fighter’s battle with Kafla prompted him to go UI just like what the Spirit Bomb, aka Genki Dama, did during his gruesome fight with Jiren. Comic Book has previously suggested that the UI is not a traditional Dragon Ball transformation, but more of a state or power. On the other hand, Master Piccolo also believes that the UI also triggered the girl’s immense growth in power.

Caulifla was furious that they lost the battle to Goku, although Kale was apologetic. Dragon Ball Super has again proved that the hero, despite being annoying at times, is someone that anyone can’t mess with. It was indeed a good move for Goku to use his infamous Kamehameha.

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 117, titled “Showdown of Love! The Androids vs Universe 2!!,” is slated to air on November 26 in Japan.

[Featured Image by Phát Hữu | Flickr | Public Domain]