‘Dead Or Alive 5’ Patch Allows Players To Upload Videos To YouTube, Facebook

Fighting game fanatics who are currently honing their skills at Dead or Alive 5 will soon be able to upload video of their exploits to YouTube and Facebook.

Getting hooked on Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja’s fighter is a relatively easy thing to do. While the game may not be as deep as its contemporaries, there’s still of “fighting entertainment” to be had. Soon addicts will be able to share their accomplishments with the world.

According to MTV News, the upcoming patch will allow players to upload their videos to YouTube and Facebook. Although Playstation 3 users can send their clips to both services, Xbox 360 brawlers will have to settle with just Facebook.

In addition to the aforementioned additions, the forthcoming patch will also feature a number of tweaks to the game’s core experience. Joystiq reports that additional changes to the game may include the ability to search for online fights by connection quality and the addition of “throwdowns” to ranked matches.

The recent announcement regarding the Dead or Alive 5 patch also included a separate tweet from the folks at Team Ninja. The developers uploaded video of a test match that showed off some of the game’s new tweaks in action.

“And did you catch some of the little tweaks to the fighting game itself?” the company said in a tweet.

Eagled-eyed gamers quickly noticed that one of the changes to the fighter involves lasers shooting out of Zack’s eyes. Although the changes are reportedly in the clip you see embedded below, Team Ninja are keeping the specifics close to its chest at the moment.

You can check out the “test match” video below. As you can see, apparently the game only allows you to upload video in 360p.

Are you a fan of Dead or Alive 5? Will you use the features in the latest patch to upload fights to the internet?