Introducing The Computerized Fishing Rod SMARTROD

Imagine being able to tell the moment a fish snags your lure while fishing. Now, with SMARTROD, you will be alerted when the next fish bites … even if you aren’t near your pole.

According to GizMag, the computerized POLETAP SMARTROD is a water-resistant rod created by Kansas-based inventor Ed Hope. It works with any reel, and contains an accelerometer that detects the telltale jerk of a fish taking the lure.

The fisherman can use a single-button to switch from High, Medium and Low sensitivity settings. The Medium and Low settings are intended for times where you might be trolling or fishing in rain storms, in which the rod is likely to be subjected to a lot of non-fish-caused movements.

Even with the highest sensitivity setting on, it is reported that you can carry the SMARTROD around without the alarm going off.

The way way it works, is that when a fish strike is detected, the SMARTROD responds with an alarm and flashing red LEDs.

If you don’t want the alarm to go off, you always have the option to disarm it. Once the user starts reeling the line in, the fish-detecting microprocessor temporarily shuts down. Once the line is cast out again, the system is automatically re-activated.

A tilt alarm is also installed inside the SMARTROD for “slow-striking” fish that don’t yank quite so hard on the line. The tilt alarm detects any significant change in the angle of the pole, which will also help you notice if your pole falls over while your not around it.

The SMARTROD requires two CR2032 lithium cell batteries, and is said to be able to last for up to two fishing seasons of use.

It comes in two versions – a 7-foot (2.1-meter) two-piece medium action spinning rod, and a 6.5-foot (2-meter) two-piece medium action spincast rod.

Contributions for the SMARTROD are being accepted on Indiegogo. A pledge of US$55 will get you one of the rods when and if they are finally ready to be shipped out.