‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Patient 6 Leaves Town, Cassandra Seeks Out Sonny To Stir Trouble

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Robin (Kimberly McCullough) will have plenty of reunions. After her meeting with Patient 6 (Steve Burton), Robin will talk to Felicia (Kristina Wagner) and Anna (Finola Hughes). Cassandra (Jessica Tuck) will stir up trouble, and this could land Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) in big trouble.

Reunions In Port Charles

Robin is back in town, and she won’t miss the chance to pay a visit to her loved ones during her visit. After the emotional encounter with Patient 6 on the footbridge, she has to make other stopovers while in Port Charles. She needs to see Felicia and Mac first. Of course, she will take time to drop by her mother’s place. General Hospital spoilers tease Robin will ask about Anna’s boyfriend and demand details. Anna’s supposed relationship with Finn (Michael Easton) was just for show. However, she will hide the truth from Robin.

After the visit to Anna, Robin will head out to Sonny’s house. General Hospital spoilers reveal Robin and Carly (Laura Wright) will talk about how they thought the current Jason (Billy Miller) was Jason Morgan. They will also feel relieved that the real Jason came back to them.

Following their conversation, Robin will check in with Patient 6 and ask if he already reconnected with Sam. The holiday won’t be over with her second meeting with the man she thinks is the real Jason Morgan. General Hospital spoilers suggest Robin will also run into Billy Miller for the first time since she returned.

According to Kimberly McCullough’s statement in Soap Opera Digest, Robin will feel conflicted when she meets the current Jason. She knows he must be confused too, but she already acknowledged Patient 6 as the real Jason. In an effort to help the two Jasons figure out who they are and set the record straight, she wants to help out with the investigation. General Hospital spoilers tease Robin’s next mission is to find proof.

Cassandra’s Evil Schemes

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but General Hospital spoilers tease this won’t stop Cassandra from stirring trouble. Next week, she will run into Sonny (Maurice Benard), and she will suggest it was a happy coincidence. It seems like Cassandra has something to reveal to the mob boss, and it might involve Valentin.

Alexis figured out Valentin paid Olivia Jerome’s legal fees. In fact, she used this information to force Valentin into helping her with Julian’s case. If Cassandra knew about this, telling Sonny about what she knows could stir up big trouble for Valentin. Alexis could be in trouble too.

Patient 6 Says Goodbye

General Hospital spoilers for next week reveal Patient 6 will say goodbye to someone. He won’t be gone for long, but it looks like he needs to take care of some out-of-town business. As speculated by Celeb Dirty Laundry, Patient 6 might say goodbye to Carly to investigate who was behind his kidnapping. Knowing Carly, she will insist he stay for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Michael and Ned will discuss ELQ’s future, Jason Morgan, and his twin. It could be a lengthy discussion since these always have different opinions when it comes to business. General Hospital spoilers tease plenty of drama ahead, there will be exciting happenings while Port Charles celebrates Thanksgiving.

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