Married Legislator Wes Goodman Resigns, Apologizes After Discovery He Had Sex With Man In His Office [Video]

Representative Wes Goodman, 33, a married Ohio Republican, resigned this week after a witness came forward saying he saw the politician having sex with a man in his state-provided office.

On Tuesday, November 14, a witness told Ohio House Chief of Staff Mike Dittoe about seeing Goodman and another man having sex inside his Riffe Center office, according to Newsweek. The witness is reportedly not a “staffer,” the report notes.

Dittoe then informed House Speaker Republican Cliff Rosenberger about what he had been told. Subsequent to that, Rosenberger got together with Goodman, who resigned after the meeting.

Rosenberger stated that Goodman confirmed the allegations made by the witness, reports

Brad Miller, a spokesperson for Rosenberger, said the sexual encounter between Goodman and the man, whose identity has not been disclosed, was consensual and took place several months ago, according to

Goodman’s resignation was described as being due to his engagement in “inappropriate conduct,” reports Newsweek.

According to Newsweek, Goodman has often spoken about his faith and has taken an “anti-LGBT” position during his political career. The politician’s website now appears to have been taken down but once touted the strong family values held by Goodman, as well as his beliefs that “natural marriage” is a union between a man and a woman.

In a statement he released on Wednesday, Goodman said, “We all bring our own struggles and our own trials into public life,” Fox News reports. He continued by stating this fact has been “true” for him and that he “sincerely regret[s]” his action and the choices he’s made that have prevented him from “serving” his “constituents” and the state of Ohio in a way that “reflects the best ideals of public service.” Goodman also apologized in the statement, writing, “I’m sorry” to those he had “let down.”

Goodman further asked that he, his family, and his friends be given privacy during this time as he moves into the “next chapter” of his life, reports Newsweek.

Goodman worked for the Conservative Action Project before being elected to the 87th district seat in 2016, according to Prior to that, Goodman worked for U.S. Representative Jim Jordan for over six years, supporting policies that involved the promotion of families, the constitution, and fiscal responsibility. notes that just two weeks ago, Goodman told the publication he did not plan to resign despite rumors swirling that indicated he might do so.

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