Will Barron Trump Be Present For The Annual Turkey Pardon With His Father?

Barron Trump hasn’t been seen publicly in almost a month since he was all dressed up at dinner with his parents in October. Will he be present for the annual turkey pardon event at the White House on Tuesday? It’s a ceremony that the first kids are usually a part of, with exception to Sasha and Malia Obama last year when their father performed the pardon of two turkeys. After two terms of Barack Obama’s presidency, the teenagers had other things to do. Obama told reporters that his daughters were tired of his jokes. The last time Malia and Sasha attended the turkey pardon together was in 2015 when their father pardoned “Abe.” Last year Obama pardoned “Tater” and “Tot.”

According to CNN, President Donald Trump will pardon two turkeys in the Rose Garden. The lucky birds will be handpicked by the National Turkey Federation “to get official amnesty” from being turned into Thanksgiving meals. Once the turkeys are pardoned, they will join the other pardoned birds at Virginia Tech’s “Gobblers Rest” exhibit. It’s a haven for the animals where students and veterinarians care for them. The exhibit is also open to the public so they can gain insight into the “university’s teaching, research, and outreach programs in animal and poultry sciences and veterinary medicine,” according to the White House’s statement.

Melania Trump will be present at the 2017 event, but it’s unclear if 11-year-old Barron Trump will be there for the turkey pardon. Barron was on-hand for the White House Easter Egg Roll in April, enjoying the festivities. Donald Trump’s youngest child has made random appearances with his parents whenever they fly to Mar-a-Lago or when there’s a break from school.

Barron Trump is currently attending St. Andrews Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland. The first son’s private school is located 30 minutes away from the White House, according to Newsweek. The school has 580 students with 42 percent of the children being of color, the report notes. When Melania Trump announced where her son was going to attend school after their move to Washington, she revealed in a statement that St. Andrews is a “diverse community and commitment to academic excellence.”

Many hope to see Barron Trump at the turkey pardon event on Tuesday if he’s not in school that day. It’ll be the perfect opportunity for the nation to see the first son again.

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]