Gaming Trends For The Holidays From Tech Expert Katie Linendoll

Gaming trends will likely be a hot topic around the Thanksgiving table. With more than a billion gamers worldwide, being in-the-know is important when it comes to having the best gaming experience. Technology guru and Emmy-winning TV personality Katie Linendoll has a lot to share on that matter.

The two biggest trends range from extremely high tech virtual reality systems to old school retro units. Both seem to be at the cusp of further success during this holiday season.

For those unfamiliar with gaming, virtual reality games involve a headset where you are actually inside the game.

"Virtual reality takes things next level. You have to put on a headset to truly experience the level of immersion. Especially for the first time and you will be really blown away. That is really big in the world of gaming," said Katie Linendoll, tech and gaming expert, as well as social media influencer.

Multiple options are on the market with prices ranging from $20 to hundreds of dollars. However, one doesn't need to go with the highest end model. She recommends getting one at around the mid-level price, like at the $100 price point that resonated with her, but more advanced gamers will want to check out the specs before buying (or asking someone else to buy for them) to make sure they are getting the right equipment for their gaming needs.

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Retro games such as classic Atari Flashback, Super NES Classic, and other old school devices are also incredibly popular to some gamers and those who may be nostalgic for their youthful video game experiences.

Also, what used to be considered to only be a waste of time is now being taken seriously. With so many gamers worldwide, there are eSports, a multi-million dollar industry where gamers compete for huge sums of money. Some colleges, including Lindendoll's alma mater, Rochester Institute of Technology, are even now offering a gaming major with the promise of lucrative salaries for those at the top of their field.

There is one thing that seems to frustrate many gamers. Running out of battery juice while playing. A recent survey of hardcore gamers from Energizer found that more than 80 percent of gamers get angry when they have to go rooting around for new batteries to continue their gaming session.

Katie Linendoll spoke with this writer about the newest trends in gaming, what equipment she recommends to be purchased to add to the gaming experience, why retro games are so cool, what is going on with eSports, and more.

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