Amy Roloff Confirms ‘Little People, Big World’ New Season, Defends Boyfriend Chris Marek

The Roloff family has had an eventful year and fans can’t wait to learn about it. Pending official word about a Little People, Big World new season premiere, fans have taken to social media to pry information from the Roloffs.

Season 17 concluded after featuring Jackson Roloff’s birth. Following a two-hour season finale in June, Molly Roloff married Joel Silvius, and Jeremy and Audrey Roloff welcomed their daughter Ember Jean. Amy has been busy with her kitchen, while Matt Roloff published a children’s book. Fans learned about TLC cameras rolling on Roloff Farms this summer through Matt, who also said new season of Little People, Big World is likely to air during winter or spring.

On Friday, Roloff family matriarch Amy took to Facebook to let Little People, Big World fans know that it has been one year since she started doing monthly “Soup Nights” with friends. Amy shared an image she took with two friends and her boyfriend Chrish Marek, probably from their last gathering. Her post saw Roloff family followers ask her about the show. It appears that Amy narrowed the premiere date down to early 2018.

“Early next year? We haven’t heard exactly when yet,” Amy Roloff responded, when asked about the show.

Comments on the post were not devoid of criticism of Amy’s relationship. Her relationship with Chris Marek has been subjected to intense scrutiny, with critics alleging her beau is in it for the fame. Amy’s supporters have, however, egged her on. The Little People, Big World star addressed critics by defending Marek.

“Thanks. I don’t know why either. He’s a really good and great guy and I’m glad he’s in my life. Maybe because they can on social media. And we wonder what’s going on in life now a days with so much negativity, like or dislike based on? I’d rather focus on the good things. I hold on to my sanity that way.”

Aside from questions about her relationship, Amy also informed Little People, Big World followers that she is working on two books, including a book on soup recipes. The television personality has written a book on food before. Amy’s son Jacob is also writing his second book, while her ex-husband Matt had his second book released in October.

Fans can look forward to see more of Tori and Zach’s life with son Jackson alongside last months of Audrey’s pregnancy. Jeremy and Audrey moved house, which is expected to be featured. As already shared by Matt Roloff, this year’s pumpkin season was also covered by TLC for Little People, Big World.

[Featured Image by John Konstantaras/AP Images]