WWE Rumors: Carmella Has Backstage Heat With Major WWE Star

On SmackDown Live, Baron Corbin cashed-in his Money in the Bank briefcase a couple of months ago and failed to become champion. However, “The Princess of Staten Island” has held onto her briefcase, and she’s rolling into WWE Survivor Series as a part of Team SmackDown. Carmella has become one of the new cast members of Total Divas. Her future remains very bright, especially with Money in the Bank in her hands.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, and it’s being reported that Carmella might have some backstage heat on her with a major star behind the scenes. During a recent interview, she revealed that there had been a lot of drama between her and “The Ravishing Russian,” which could be featured on Total Divas over the seventh season. Carmella said she doesn’t get involved in “drama,” but something about Lana brought it out of her.

On paper, she may just be selling the current season of Total Divas. It’s unclear how “real” the show can be at times, so it’s possible for a storyline to feature some tension between Lana and Camella. However, if the two women have some genuine heat with each other, that is something WWE officials should capitalize on in the ring and on WWE television. Apparently, there is enough heat for it to be featured on Total Divas.

Total Divas is Currently in its Seventh Season
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At the moment, Carmella and Lana are both heels on SmackDown Live. The WWE Universe has attempted to turn The Ravishing Russian babyface once she debuted with the dancer gimmick. She has been floating around since then, but a rivalry with Carmella could give her some momentum as a face and give her more time on WWE television. For Carmella, it would give her another rivalry to stay busy until the time is right.

It’s being rumored that “Miss Money in the Bank” will cash in her briefcase sooner rather than later, and the expectation is she will become the SmackDown Women’s Champion. That will showcase her in a major feud with Charlotte. In the meantime, James Ellsworth has been released by WWE. Carmella needs something new to keep her going until WWE officials think the time is right to pull the trigger on her push.

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