More Disney Layoffs Come Forth As Parks And Resorts Undergo Restructuring

As a huge number of projects continue at Walt Disney World, there is still some restructuring being done and it is bringing about even more layoffs. The Walt Disney Company has now revealed that due to some moving around in the parks and resorts, a number of positions have had to be done away with and departments downsized.

On Thursday, more than 145 cast members were advised that they were being laid off and Disney gave the reasoning of restructuring in the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. According to the Orlando Sentinel, this involved more than 0.1 percent of the division and that equals up to around 145 people, but no exact number was given.

The cuts were primarily made to human resources, marketing and sales, finance, and operations departments for the global division of Disney. This includes a total of more than 145,000 employees at 12 theme parks and 52 resorts in North America, Asia and Europe, but looking around at different sites may have allowed some to figure out where the cuts didn’t come from.

There were no notices seen on a Florida state website where large-scaled layoffs must be posted according to state law.

walt disney world layoffs parks resorts restructuring
[Image by Danny Cox]

Now, guests visiting the Disney Parks around the world may not even end up noticing a lot of change or any at all. Those who were laid off did not have work that specifically dealt with things happening inside the parks or dealing directly with guests.

While Disney has said that these layoffs and the restructuring has to do with the company’s preparation for future growth, no other details were revealed.

One really good thing of note is that Disney did not just lay off these employees and then have them go out on their own. The company is working with the former cast members to help them find other work internally or even with outside businesses.

Earlier this year, a number of huge layoffs took place at ESPN with many big-name journalists and broadcasters were left without jobs. The Los Angeles Times recently reported that as many as 100 more employees could be laid off by ESPN before the end of 2017.

The Walt Disney Company is a giant in the world and it is full of magic and wonder, but it’s also a business that needs to make tough decisions at times. Layoffs are a part of the grand scheme of things and the restructuring in the parks and resorts are leading to positions no longer being needed. All things change at some point or another, and these layoffs are just the next step in Disney moving forward.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]