‘Modern Family’ Star Jesse Tyler Ferguson Hijacks Designer’s Private Plane [Report]

Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson was just returning from a winter vacation in St. Barts when his flight from the island was delayed, resulting in a reported breakdown and scuffle with airport authorities.

Page Six reports:

“All the planes were delayed, and sunset was approaching. You cannot fly out of St. Barts past sunset. Jesse’s plane was late, and there were also three other groups at the airport who were waiting to get planes. They were all freaking out that they were going to miss the sunset deadline, because all the hotels were fully booked.”

Then, New York designer Ramy Brook Sharp’s chartered plane arrived before Ferguson’s. This must have been the proverbial straw, because the source says that the Modern Family star “basically hijacked” Sharp’s plane, putting all of his people on the flight. With his crew aboard the chartered jet, the pilot was nearly ready to take off, reports MSN.

He would have gotten away with it, too, had Sharp not arrived at the airport asking “Dude, where’s my plane?,” contacting the pilot, and having the plane return to scoop up her and her posse.

“The pilot started to taxi onto the tiny runway with Jesse and his group on board, but Ramy wasn’t standing for it and had the airport call the plane back in, right as it was going to take off.”

Then, Ferguson’s walk of shame.

“It was pretty funny, and they were very embarrassed,” says the source. “It was like an episode of Modern Family.”

Indeed. It seems to me that all Ferguson had to do was ask!

Modern Family season four returns from a brief holiday hiatus on January 9, 2013. The popular program airs on ABC.