NFL Week 9 Power Rankings

1. New Orleans Saints- The most complete team in the NFL right now

2. Indianapolis Colts- With a win at the Texans, the AFC south is there, if it is not already

3. Minnesota Vikings- How many weapons does this team have? At least five

4. New England Patriots- They got an extra week to prepare for the Dolphins wild cat

5. Denver Broncos- Suffered a beat down in Baltimore, but overall there are still excellent

6. Cincinnati Bengals- They are rested after their bye, and get the Ravens

7. Pittsburgh Steelers- off to Denver and finally healthy

8. Philadelphia Eagles- Doing well with young playmakers

9. Baltimore Ravens- Joe Flacco has no sophomore slump

10. Dallas Cowboys- A tough game with the Eagles looms

11. Atlanta Falcons- They must rebound from a two game losing streak

12. Houston Texans- Still need a little punch in the running game

13. San Diego Chargers- Seems like a second half surge is coming

14. Arizona Cardinals- They go up and down the rankings like a pogo stick

15. Green Bay Packers- They need O line help

16. New York Giants- Eli is hurt, and their slump will continue

17. Chicago Bears- Unbeaten at home, but they need to win on the road to make the playoffs

18. Miami Dolphins- Ted Ginn is the best kick returner so far in 2009

19. San Francisco 49ers- under .500, but with two games at home look to rebound

20. New York Jets- At their bye they must do some soul searching

21. Jacksonville Jaguars- In 3 of their 4 loses they have given up 30 points

22. Buffalo Bills- There is almost no reason to feel good about this offense

23. Carolina Panthers- They can win, only if they run the ball

24. Seattle Seahawks- Jim Mora is finding out why Mike Holmgren took a vacation

25. Washington Redskins- Scoring is a problem and without Chris Cooley it is not a larger problem

26. Oakland Raiders- in five of their last 7 games they have less than 200 yards of offense

27. Tennessee Titans- Vince Young is the answer for the short term

28. Kansas City Chiefs- Look to move on from the Larry Johnson era

29. St. Louis Rams- Steven Jackson is the man

30. Cleveland Browns- Mangini was not the man for this job

31. Detroit Lions- they have won one game in two years, not good enough

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Josh Freeman gets to start, but will it matter