‘WWE’ Legend Ric Flair Sues Ex-Manager For Allegedly Stealing $46,000

WWE legend Ric Flair is suing his manager to the tune of $46,000. The Nature Boy claims that he had a feeling that something was amiss with his finances and that it was only after an investigation into his money matters that he found out that there was indeed money missing. According to Flair, the culprit is none other than Legacy Talent and Entertainment, a well-known talent management company.

WWE fans know that ESPN recently debuted a documentary on Ric Flair on their “30 for 30” Special on November 7, 2017. According to TMZ, Flair claims that he made $25,000 for the documentary but never received it. He appointed a lawyer to go through his financial records because he had a suspicion that something was seriously wrong in the money department. The lawyer indeed found out that he was missing at least $46,000, and that Legacy Talent and Entertainment is allegedly responsible for the missing money.

Upon further investigation, Ric Flair found out that First Row Films had paid the $25,000 out to Legacy Talent Entertainment. First Row Films produced the “30 for 30” documentary and had duly performed as per the contract. Ric Flair now claims that Legacy Talent never informed him of the payment, nor did they pay him his portion of the money.

The long-time ex-WWE wrestler and manager didn’t turn to the attorneys to get his money back straight away. Ric Flair says he first reached out to the management company and asked them why he hadn’t received his money. According to his statement, Legacy Talent and Entertainment said that they were using the proceeds from the ESPN special to pay Flair’s legal bills. Nature Boy says that he never gave Legacy the authority to pay the legal bills.

Ric Flair has been with Legacy Talent and Entertainment since 2009, until their relationship ended abruptly in October 2017. On top of the “30 for 30” money owed to him, he noticed that Jake’s Fireworks also paid him a $12,000 royalty advance for an endorsement deal concluded earlier this year, and Ric claims he never received the funds. For that reason, Ric Flair is suing Legacy Talent for $46,000 and ending their relationship.

[Featured Image by Paul Kane/Getty Images]