‘Scandal’ Slammed Over Shocking Sacrifice: Is Quinn Really Dead?

Scandal fans were left shocked and horrified after ABC aired the winter finale of the drama last night (November 16), which seemingly saw Quinn Perkins, played by actress Katie Lowes, kidnapped and killed by Olivia Pope’s (Kerry Washington) dad, Rowan. But is she really dead?

Viewers were left scratching their heads after the dramatic moment went down on the winter finale after Rowan shot two bullets and a woman screamed before he then asked Olivia, “Do you want to see the body?” The winter finale then ended before showing who, if anyone, really died, which has some fans wondering if Quinn really met her end after all.

But while the episode left on a serious cliff-hanger, Lowes appeared to confirm that it’s all over for her and her character on Twitter after the dramatic moment played out after. She strongly suggested that she’s now left the show to spend more time with her new-born baby.

“Thank you to the @ScandalWriters @shondarhimes for this time with my baby. And for Quinn. #Scandal,” she tweeted following the dramatic moment.

The actress then followed up her initial tweet by seemingly dropping the spoiler that she won’t be back again when the show picks back up next year, writing on the social media site that she couldn’t “even tell you how much I miss my #Scandal Fam” as she thanked the show’s loyal fans, known as Gladiators.

Holy cliffhanger, Gladiators! #Scandal's crazy, twisty goodness returns with #TGIT January 18!

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Showrunner Shonda Rhimes then also appeared to confirm that Quinn is dead and that Katie has officially left the show, which is set to come to an end after Season 7 wraps up next year.

“It’s the final season you guys, you know we had to go all out,” she wrote on social media on November 16. “We are happy that @KatieQLowes can have this time with her baby. #scandalfinalseason.”

People confirmed Katie gave birth to her first child, a son named Albee, on October 5 after the actress shared an adorable photo of his feet on social media.

But while Katie and Shonda claimed that the star has left the show to spend some time with her son, were the twosome’s tweets all part of an elaborate plan to fool Scandal fans for what could be a huge cover-up and shocking twist on the show?

Though the ABC drama won’t pick back up again until January, a number of viewers claimed on social media that because they didn’t see a body, Quinn may not actually be dead and could actually be working with Olivia’s dad.

“He definitely didn’t kill her! Haha he was bluffing and I think maybe him and Quinn are working together to see if she’s really gone all the way dark,” one fan suggested on the 280-character site of the possible twist. “If so, Quinn heard everything that Olivia said. #Scandal”

“Plot Twist: Quinn is in on it and isn’t actually dead.. #Scandal,” said another fan of their spoiler theory, while a third wrote, “Quinn and Daddy Pope gotta be working together and this was fake #Scandal.”

Clock is ticking to find Quinn. Don’t miss #Scandal’s winter finale tomorrow night! #TGIT

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However, others believed that fans’ spoiler suggestions that Quinn may still be alive weren’t true and claimed that she has, in fact, met her end while calling for Olivia to die when the show ends for her part in the death.

“If Quinn’s dead, then throw out every Redemption Arc idea you have for Olivia Pope. Destroy her,” Scandal fan @trumpetnista hit back. “Have everyone around her leave her. Have her lose her POWER, perhaps even her freedom and then put a bullet in her head. Mercy killing. #Scandal.”

“Seriously I think [Olivia] wanted Quinn dead, she knew her dad’s capabilities and she goaded him into doing it while pretending otherwise #Scandal,” added another following the dramatic winter finale.

Scandal Season 7 will continue on ABC on January 18.

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