Josh Duggar Holds Baby Jana In Facebook Throwback, Fans Forgive Anna Duggar’s Husband Molesting Kids

It has been two years since 19 Kids and Counting On fans found out that Josh Duggar molested kids. As a teenage boy, he inappropriately touched his sisters, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna, and this caused TLC to pull the family’s popular reality TV show from the network and, instead, launch a spinoff, Counting On, that focused on the second-generation Duggars getting married and having their own babies.

With time passing, it looks like the fans of the Duggar family have forgiven Josh and do not mind seeing him on Facebook or updates of him, his wife Anna Duggar, or his kids on other social media outlets.

Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, have been occasionally posting pictures of their kids from way back, even before they had 19 kids. Many of these featured their eldest son, hanging out with his younger siblings. At first, fans did not want to see photos of Josh posing with his siblings, now knowing that he molested four of his younger sisters. But now, it looks like they do not mind being reminded that he was once a cute little toddler as well.

One fan wrote, “Don’t forget that Josh was a sweet baby too!”

“Your kids are just adorable, such sweet young children,” another commented

Others seem to note that he doesn’t seem to be getting along with his siblings, saying that “he does not look like he is enjoying those twins at all.”

One of the reasons that the family is no longer facing a backlash against showing pictures of young Josh is that they use pictures that Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna are not in. In many of the throwback Facebook photos, Josh is only seen with the twins, Jana and John-David, who were lucky enough to not become victims of their older brother.

The Duggar family started bringing Josh back to social media this year. When they celebrated his birthday publicly on Facebook, the fans were glad to see the eldest son make a comeback.

“Good to see you, Josh,” one fan commented. “God has forgiven you, so should people. Love you all.”

“Happy Birthday Josh! Repentance is freeing and between you and the Lord,” another wrote. “Continue to cherish your family and ignore people who would try to bring you down! Many blessings!”

His wife, Anna Duggar, also has been firing up her Twitter account. While the majority of her posts are about her kids and their birthdays, at times, she gives updates about her life with Josh that the family chooses not to share on their official Facebook site.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]