Gene Simmons Permanently Banned From Fox After Inappropriate Backstage Behavior

Gene Simmons has burnt a bridge with Fox. The Kiss co-founder and bassist has been banned from Fox News and all Fox Business channels after he allegedly harassed staffers and made crude statements backstage during a promotional appearance. According to the Daily Beast, Simmons had just completed an interview about his new book, On Power, on the Fox Business show Mornings With Maria when he barged in on a staff meeting and began to engage in inappropriate behavior.

Simmons allegedly cracked jokes about pedophilia and touched several staff members. Gene then reportedly poked fun at the current barrage of sexual harassment allegations in the entertainment industry by pulling open his red velvet shirt to expose his chest and stomach to the unsuspecting Fox staff members.

“Hey chicks, sue me!” Simmons reportedly said.

Gene Simmons also allegedly struck two staff members on the head with his book and insulted their intelligence. According to Buzzfeed News, Simmons also asked a black Fox employee if he was Al Roker.

On Mornings With Maria, Gene Simmons wore a baseball cap with a money bag symbol on it and he boasted that he has owned the “trademark” for the famous symbol for 28 years. Gene even joked that he could put Monopoly out of business.

Gene Simmons says he owns the moneybag symbol
[Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

Gene, who described himself as “a powerful and attractive man,” then addressed the widespread sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood, saying men are “jacka**es” and that that they need to be “trained” early on.

“From the time we’re young, we have testosterone,” Gene explained. “I’m not validating it or defending it. Guys need to be trained from their very, very young ages from their mothers and their loved ones that half the world’s are female, and they need to be treated with respect.”

Simmons also said that women will only get the respect they demand. You can see Gene Simmons’ appearance on Fox below.

The Fox ban comes after Gene Simmons delivered an extremely entertaining weather report on the news show Fox and Friends. The rocker eagerly took over to deliver the national weather forecast and he did a pretty good job. Unfortunately, it sounds like his career as a weather forecaster, for Fox, at least, is now over.

Gene Simmons has appeared on Fox channels multiple times over the years. The Kiss legend has not commented on reports that he has now been banned from Fox for life. The reported lifetime ban for Gene Simmons comes as Fox continues to do damage control on the heels of former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s high-profile sexual harassment scandal.

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