Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Reportedly Hiding Two Romance Shockers After Secret Session With Queen

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue to invite speculation from royal observers by postponing their highly anticipated engagement announcement. The prince and Markle got together in July of 2016, but despite repeated rumors that Harry had proposed, no engagement ring has been seen. The lack of a ring, however, hasn’t stopped rumors from already starting their wedding plans.

One report claims that Prince Harry and Meghan reportedly met secretly with the Queen and dropped a bombshell in her royal lap. But despite their rumored shocking confession in that secret session, the lovebirds reportedly have an additional romance secret that they are trying to hide.

According to Yahoo, the prince and Markle are hiding “bombshell news” after having dated for more than a year.

“Royal wedding rumors have been swirling for months. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have two massive announcements.”

But based on what sources told New Idea via Yahoo, those rumors haven’t revealed the real royal news as yet because Harry and Meghan haven’t made those announcements public. The prince, 33, and Markle, 36, are reportedly secretly preparing to tie the knot and welcome a “bundle of joy” soon.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Hide One Shocking Secret, Confess One Bombshell To Queen

The Queen is regarded as the ultimate ruler upon royal events such as when weddings take place. But when a pregnancy is involved, how much control can she maintain? A source within the palace told New Idea about the rumors being whispered among royal insiders.

“We’ve heard on very good authority that Meghan is already pregnant.”

However, Markle and Prince Harry reportedly have not yet told the Queen that Meghan is expecting a baby. Instead, the lovebirds hinted at her pregnancy by revealing that they want to marry sooner rather than later, as previously anticipated. Harry’s confession in a secret session to the Queen about the urgency of getting married as soon as possible has added to the baby rumors, revealed the insider.

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“Prince Harry has told the Queen that they would like to marry ‘as soon as possible,’ which is only [adding to] the pregnancy speculation,” added the source.

Prince Harry Pushes Queen To Permit Wedding ASAP, Sparking Meghan Markle Baby Rumors

Recent photos of Meghan have not revealed any baby bumps hiding beneath her fitted styles. However, the insider hinted that Markle and Prince Harry only recently discovered that she is pregnant. Consequently, they reportedly are rushing to prepare for the wedding before her baby bump shows.

“[Prince Harry] and Meghan are in a very big rush to get down the aisle and everyone’s guessing it’s because she doesn’t want to be too far along for the big day.”

Although speculation about Markle’s pregnancy continues to soar, Prince Harry and his Suits actress girlfriend reportedly haven’t yet told the Queen. But she is allegedly aware of their desire to get married as soon as possible. Rumors regarding a rushed schedule for the wedding have increased because of the reported invitations that have been sent out.

Prince Harry loves kids. He's rumored to be happy to welcome his own baby with girlfriend Meghan Markle.
Prince Harry loves kids. He's rumored to be happy to welcome his own baby with girlfriend Meghan Markle. [Image by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images]

According to the insiders, reports have leaked from Kensington Palace that dignitaries around the world are already receiving invitations for a winter wedding. Those invitations are thought to be a significant clue that the wedding day has already been planned to keep Meghan’s baby bump a secret.

Meghan Markle Pregnancy Forces “Love Addict” Prince Harry To Propose?

Some royal observers thought that Prince Harry would never follow through with a proposal to Meghan Markle. Doubters also pointed to Kate Middleton’s own pregnancy, speculating that if Harry did propose, he would wait until Kate’s baby was born in April.

As the Inquisitr reported, Prince Harry has been described as a “love addict” by some royal insiders. Rumors have increased about the possibility that Harry and Meghan will live together, with one royal source even claiming that Harry is a “serial commitment-phobe.”

Despite the report about Prince Harry and Markle looking forward to “double joy” from a wedding and a baby, Gossip Cop pointed out that nothing has been confirmed. New Idea quoted a palace insider about the wedding invitations.

“Wedding invitations have been sent out to special guests for a ‘winter wedding’ in the UK, with the Queen giving her blessing for the hugely anticipated royal nuptials.”

But although the magazine claimed that invitations to Prince Harry’s wedding were sent to senior members of the royal family and dignitaries because of the “very short turnaround,” Gossip Cop questioned whether a true palace insider would reveal the Queen’s actions. The original report claimed that the Queen had gone to great lengths to ensure that none of those important individuals schedule “holidays or special events around that time.”

In addition to the pregnancy rumors, New Idea claimed that the Queen was delaying the wedding date announcement until her anniversary celebration had concluded. But Gossip Cop has a different source who said that no true palace insider would leak those details to the publication.

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