‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Melissa Ordway Talks About Abby’s Future And More

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers reveal that Abby (Melissa Ordway) struggles to make sense of the mess that her life has become. In an interview with Soap Central, Melissa Ordway, who portrays the embattled Y&R character, agreed that Abby’s troubles were largely of her own making. Against her better judgment, Abby entered into a relationship doomed to failure from the inception. Her boyfriend, Zack (Ryan Ashton), turned out to be a criminal operating a sex ring in Genoa City. Zack also made Abby invest in a dating app he used to run his sex trafficking ring. The investment got Newman Enterprises into trouble with the FBI.

Abby’s Life Spins Out Of Control

Abby’s father, Victor (Eric Braeden), recently passed her over for promotion. Victor made Victoria (Amelia Heinle) take over Abby’s job, despite the fact that Victoria just joined Newman Enterprises after Victor bailed her company Brash & Sassy from failure.

Abby capped off her string of failures by having sex with Sharon’s boyfriend, Scott (Daniel Hall), while trapped in a storage unit, and their lives in danger.

The question on the minds of Y&R fans with Abby at the nadir of her fortunes centers around the future of the character on the daytime drama. What plans have Y&R writers for Abby in the near future? Would she continue her free-fall to oblivion or should fans expect her to bounce back?

Ordway admitted in the interview with Soap Central that Abby’s life has gone totally out of control. Fans will recall Abby’s horror when she learned the truth about Zack for the first time. Although it seemed that she had sensed for a long time that something wasn’t right about Zack, she was totally unprepared for the sheer scale of the villainy revealed in the character of the man she had been dating. The shocking revelations about Zack raised the question, how did Abby manage to miss the danger signs?

“How did I fall in love with someone who could do something so horrific?” Abby kept asking herself, according to Ordway. “Not only am I a terrible judge of men, I’m also a terrible judge of business decisions because I didn’t know this was happening at my own company.”

The revelations made Abby to begin having doubts about her own judgment and competence. She was unnerved by the realization that her actions got Newman Enterprises linked with a sex trafficking ring.

“She’ll definitely beat herself up. I don’t think she can trust her judgment anymore.”

Ordway Talks About Abby’s Future

When asked how Abby was affected by the recent setbacks, Ordway explained that the setbacks undermined Abby’s self-confidence.

“She was feeling pretty confident about her skills at Newman and what she had to offer,” Ordway said, “and I think that now she’s going to rethink that and second-guess herself.”

However, the hard knocks would force Abby to engage in self-reflection, and self-appraisal, which open the way to self-improvement.

“It might actually make her a better businesswoman, because she’ll be more thorough and find out a lot more about whatever company she’s getting into.”

According to Ordway, losing her position at Newman Enterprises to Victoria was a big blow to Abby. She had felt that she was doing a good job and that her father was pleased with her performance. She had actually thought that Victor was going to promote her and put her in charge of the company. She was, therefore, devastated when Victor brought in her rival sibling, Victoria, to take over her position.

Ordway added that Victoria and Abby have a poor relationship partly because Abby feels that Victor would never love her as much as he loves Victoria. Abby’s urge to compete with her sister comes, therefore, from a desire to earn her father’s praise and approval.

Would Abby fall apart or would she rise to the challenges and end up a much better person?

Ordway said that fans should expect Abby to “kick some major butt” in the future.

“She’s also ready to compete with Victoria, take her place at Newman, and prove that she’s not as naïve as everyone thinks she is.”

Ordway Talks About Abby Having Sex With Sharon’s Man, Scot

Ordway insisted that Abby and Scott had always felt attracted to each other. She noted that observant fans would have noticed the sexual tension existing between Scott and Abby. The constant bickering between them signaled an underlying sexual tension, according to Ordway.

They finally acted on their feelings for each other because the tension caused by the situation with Zack made them lose fear of the consequences of their actions. She acknowledged that Y&R fans were split between Sharon (Sharon Case) and Scott staying together and Abby and Scott coming together. She noted that although many fans would love to see Sharon and Scott stay together, many have also told her they would love to see Abby hook up with Scott.

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