Florida Student Raped By Teacher Wins $49.3 Million Lawsuit

A Florida student raped by her geometry teacher inside the classroom was awarded a $49.3 million settlement. Bresnniel Jansen Mones raped the Miami-Dade sophomore repeatedly over his desk during school hours, according to the victim’s attorney.

The Florida teacher raped his student in 2013, according to court records. Bresnniel Mones, 35, was arrested in early 2014 and charged with two counts of committing a sexual act with a familial child and a single count of electronic transmission harmful to minors. The minor victim identified, only as C.R.R. in trial records, told the court she endured abuse during an entire semester in the Miami classroom.

“I was 16 years old at the time, and he had complete control over me,” C.R.R. said during an interview with NBC News 6. “I try not thinking about it and I don’t speak of it unless I have to face a certain situation.”

After being raped by her teacher, the teenage girl transferred to nearby Varela High School to get away from him, but soon found out her rapist lived right across the street from her new school.

The Florida teacher pleaded guilty to the charges levied against him and was sentenced to spend six months in prison. He was also placed on 10 years probation and required to register as a sexual offender.

The $49.3 million settlement in the Florida student rape case determined the teacher would have to pay $13,906 for the South Dade High School student’s related past medical bills, $255,000 for her future medical expenses, and $4 million for the pain, anguish, and suffering she endured, the Miami Herald reports. The Miami civil court jury also demanded Bresnniel Mones pay the teenage rape victim $15 million for her future pain and suffering, as well as $30 million in punitive damages.

A separate settlement was reached with the Miami school district for an undisclosed amount. In the lawsuit filed against the Florida school district, the attorneys for C.R.R. maintained that South Dade High School neglected to protect her from a teacher with a known history of inappropriate behavior with female students.

The attorneys for the Florida student raped by her math teacher, John Leighton and Max Panoff, said Bresnniel Mones had tried to engage in an inappropriate relationship with another teenage girl from a different high school in the past.

The lawyers maintained the Florida teacher was attempting to “groom” the teenage girl by sending her text messages. The initial text messages were reportedly school related at first, but then took on a sexual tone and later included photos of the teacher’s genitals being sent to the student.

When the parents of the teenage girl discovered the inappropriate text messages, they contacted officials at the Miami school. The conduct of Bresniel Mones was reportedly investigated after the parent complaint, but he was never subjected to any disciplinary action.

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