[Updated] Co-actors Expressed Their Sorrows; The Voice Of Bulma, Hiromi Tsuru, Dead At Age 57

The Dragon Ball fandom is mourning the death of Hiromi Tsuru, the talented voice actor of Bulma in the Dragon Ball series. Fans are tweeting their sorrow regarding the sad news today. Hiromi Tsuru was found dead in her car today with her seatbelt fastened, and the hazard lights blinking on the Shuto Expressway.

The Metropolitan Police Department is currently investigating the cause of death of Himori Tsuru. As per the official report, Himori was found unconscious in her car. She was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. The authorities have yet to release any official statements on the death of Hiromi Tsuru.

The initial investigation details that there were no signs of an accident. The unofficial results of the investigation say that Hiromi’s cause of death could probably be an illness.

For those who are unfamiliar with Hiromi Tsuru, she is the voice actor of Bulma in the Dragon Ball anime series. She debuted back in 1986 when she took on the role of Child Piccolo, Jr. The actor stayed as Bulma in Dragon Ball Z up until Dragon Ball Super, which is the most recent Dragon Ball series.

Currently, the investigation into her death is in progress. Multiple rumors are presently swirling about the accounts of her death. Primarily, Herms98, who first tweeted the sad news, addressed the misinformation about Hiromi’s death.

“I’m seeing some people say she died in a car crash. This is not true; as noted above, she was found in her car, but there was no sign of an accident.”

Update: Dragon Ball voice actors shared their sorrow via Twitter. Ryo Horikawa, the voice of Vegeta, expressed his deepest condolences for the lost of Hiromi Tsuru. “This is truly a bolt out of the blue! Absolutely unbelievable! It’s such a shame, since I’ve been in so many different series with her. My deepest condolences,” he stated via Twitter.

Meanwhile, Toshio Furukawa, the voice of Piccolo, expressed his sorrow by citing a quote from Endo Shusaku novel Silence.“Humanity is so sad, Lord, and the ocean so blue,” Furukawa tweeted.

Update November 17 – 6:30 am:According to Kotaku, Hiromi Tsuru died due to Aortic Dissection.

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