‘Project Runway’ 2017 Finale Recap — Who Won Season 16 Tonight?

The final four designers on Project Runway 2017 got to show off their collections tonight at New York Fashion Week, as the Project Runway Season 16 finale aired. One of them would walk away as the winner of Project Runway Season 16, but who would it be? Find out who won Project Runway tonight below in our finale recap.

Last week on Project Runway Season 16, the five remaining designers headed home to work on their final collections. They were given $10,000 to create a 10-piece collection. Along the way, Tim Gunn made trips to visit them all and see where they were at with everything. The designers then headed back to New York City for fashion week. They had to give the judges a preview of their collections by showing them two of their looks. Not all of them would get to show their complete collections at fashion week though, as the judges sent Kenya home, which meant Brandon, Ayana, Margarita, and Kentaro were showing at fashion week.

Brandon Is Overconfident

While the other designers were trying to get their looks completed, Brandon seemed to think he was in a good place. He was in the break room taking a nap. Also, Margarita is from Puerto Rico, so she is bracing herself, as a hurricane was headed to her homeland and her family was still there.

Tim’s Feedback

After the judges gave their feedback, it was time for Tim to come in and he gave them his feedback on what they said and what to do from here. For Margarita, he said there is a customer that would wear each of her looks and own it. He told Ayana she got great feedback and she should be feeling very confident. He wanted Kentaro to work on making it cohesive, as Kentaro said he was going to make another look to help it out. Tim warned him about timing. He told Brandon he constantly works his magic. He told them all to stay on their path.

Model Fittings

The models came in for their fittings. One of the models thought Brandon’s collection was very cohesive, but he lacked a “wow” moment. Margarita’s and Ayana’s models loved their looks and the collections on Project Runway 2017.

Runway Day

The designers arrived and took everything in. Then it was time to head backstage and get their models ready. It was mass chaos, as there were people everywhere, and models were getting their hair and makeup done. The audience and judges arrived and it was time to get things started.

Judges’ Critiques

After all of the designers showed their collections for the audience, it was time for the judges to give their feedback. The judges tonight were Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and guest judge Jessica Alba.

  • Ayana – Zac said she was convinced there are ways to dress modest, but still be hip and seductive. Nina said she loved the collection, but did wish she had some more color. Jessica said the tailoring was beautiful and it was gorgeous. Nina said she could have done without the first three looks, but it got better and better after that.
  • Margarita – Nina said her collection had so much energy, passion, and color. Zac said he is very proud of her. Jessica said she loved it and it was so sexual and sensual. Heidi said it was a lot of work but it did pay off. Nina said it was a moment when her model took off the skirt.
  • Kentaro – Heidi said you could hear a mouse fart in there, but everyone was just stunned. Nina said she knew he had it in him, but he surprised them all. Heidi said she was eating it up from the beginning to the end. Zac said he blew his socks off today with an excellent collection. Jessica loved it and thought it was so poetic.
  • Brandon – Jessica said it was romantic but cool. Zac said it was a strong collection, but he was missing variation of fabrication. Heidi said she loves the collection, but everything is in the same fabrication. Nina said he has signature details where they know the clothes are his, and that is very important.


The judges discussed the collections one last time and then the designers on Project Runway 2017 returned to the runway. After eliminating Margarita and Brandon, it was down to Ayana and Kentaro. The winner of Project Runway Season 16 is Kentaro Kameyama.

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