Kate Middleton And Prince William Setting A Bad Example With Baby Number Three, Says Charity

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s brood is set to grow by one — or two — in 2018. The royal couple has received massive support during this delicate time. At the same time, however, the regal pair has also received some criticism for choosing to have another child.

As news about the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy emerged on newspapers and the internet,the rumor that she is expecting twins also returned. The twin rumor started as early as October, based on a report published by Express UK. Since then, it has repeatedly surfaced.

News of one new royal baby was already upsetting to some. The royal pair has already been shamed for deciding to add to their brood, reported The Hollywood Gossip. Kate, in particular, has received a ton of negative and sometimes disrespectful comments towards her and her bundle of joy.

It seems the couple was expected to stop having children after Princess Charlotte. One charity, called Having Kids, even went as far as stating the royal parents would be setting a bad example for other parents seeking to start their own families if they had a third child, reported the International Business Times.

According to the Daily Star, the charity sent a letter to the royal couple advising them to stop having kids before the palace announced that they were expecting a third child. The letter stated that large families are not sustainable and that having kids is potentially detrimental to the Earth’s environment because it may contribute to “man-made” global warming. Most critics of Kate Middleton’s third pregnancy support the charity’s argument and wanted the couple to stop having babies for the same reason.

Based on another Daily Star article, kids in the U.K. produce 7.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. The chemical compound is ranked high as a polluter, coming in at number 19. CO2 does contribute to global warming, but is also a vital part of the Earth’s atmosphere.

According to Science Daily, the compound is used by plants to create oxygen, which is essential to human life. Carbon dioxide is also a greenhouse gas, meaning it helps keep the Earth warm. So, carbon dioxide is not all that bad. The main issue with the chemical is that there is too much of it, which is why green campaigns urge people to plant trees. Trees and other plant life can decrease the amount of CO2 in the environment.

Of course, children contribute more to their environment than carbon dioxide. Having Kids’ letter to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge states their concern about how other parents could copy the couple and choose to have more kids instead of a sustainable family. The charity urges the royal parents to set a good example by publicly stating that they are choosing to stop having kids to ensure a better environment for future generations.

However, the charity seems to forget that a person can affect the environment negatively or positively. Also, an individual’s actions can contribute to the environment as well, not just their mere existence. Prince Charles has been pushing for more action toward climate change and its effects for quite some time. Kate Middleton and Prince William have shown their support on the issue as well. Given that the British royal family is actively trying to protect the environment, the third Cambridge baby, as well as Prince George and Princess Charlotte, will surely know how to affect the Earth and her environment positively.

[Featured Image by Arthur Edwards/Getty Images]