‘Dragon Ball Super’ Hints At Jiren’s Secret Power

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Dragon Ball Super has been teasing fans with Jiren The Grey’s immeasurable power long before his highly-anticipated battle against Son Goku in the Tournament of Power. Everyone saw how powerful he was although fans have been eager to know more about him apart from being the strongest Pride Trooper. Some fans have previously suggested that Jiren’s power is linked to his deep meditation, but a new theory says that his eyes are the reason why he is one powerful warrior.

One Reddit user recently expressed how he feels about the muscular humanoid fighter’s eyes that glow in silver whenever they light up prior to launching an assault against his opponent. Dragon Ball Super fans can notice during his battle with Goku that whenever his eyes glow, they quickly unlit before he attacks. Comic Book suggests that the color pattern could mean that Jiren possesses an ocular power.

Dragon Ball Super has previously showcased how the muscular humanoid warrior meditates with a powerful energy surrounding him, which suggests that this kind of meditation does an important role in his battles. A previous theory says that it’s the meditation that makes him an untouchable fighter. Toppo, the leader of the Pride Troopers previously said that even if he combines his power with Goku, they can never beat Jiren.

Other Dragon Ball Super fans believe that through his meditation, the strongest Pride Trooper can store loads of energy and can tap into them when needed. The abundance of power that he can easily access when fighting possibly includes an ocular power – something that makes Goku susceptible to danger. Everyone knows that the hero is used to fighting that’s triggered by emotions and Jiren’s lack of emotion during battle could be one reason why Goku had a hard time taking him down.

Jiren also used his possible ocular power during his battle with Hit when the assassin launched his Time-Skip ability against him. Dragon Ball Super has yet to provide more information about the strongest Pride Trooper, but if his flashing eyes skill turns out to be correct, then the other fighters should be prepared. Everyone has witnessed how he uses them whenever he fights and even Goku failed to take him down.

Nonetheless, fans know that the folks behind Dragon Ball Super are ready for some huge thrill for everyone. Akira Toriyama is known for giving a lot of surprises to all fans and it’s certain that he has something big up his sleeves. Yonkou Productions shared a message on Twitter from illustrator Toyotaro and teased that the manga version will reveal a major secret about Jiren. Apparently, that’s something everyone should look forward to.

Goku in his Ultra Instinct form against Jiren The Grey
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