Charles Manson Is Still Very Much Alive, Prison Spokeswoman Confirms

Yesterday, the news broke that notorious cult-leader and mass murderer Charles Manson was gravely ill and in the hospital. It seemed like the killer didn’t have much time left, but now a prison spokeswoman has confirmed Manson is still very much alive.

TMZ broke the news of Manson’s illness and reported the killer was being hospitalized in Bakersfield, California. The report claimed it was “just a matter of time,” and his health was not going to improve. It’s been 24 hours since the story broke, so it appears Manson had more time than anticipated.

Vicky Waters, a spokeswoman for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, confirmed today that Manson was still alive. When speaking with the Associated Press, Waters claimed she could not release any other information on his condition, as it violated federal and state privacy laws. Waters could not even confirm the speculation and reports that Manson was ill.

Why Manson is in the hospital has not been officially confirmed, but the New York Daily News claims a loyal Manson follower has said he is suffering from heart failure. The insider, Ben Gurecki, claims to be a friend of Manson’s and believes the mass murderer will not make it out of the hospital alive, as his body is shutting down.

The news of Manson’s illness came just days after he turned 83. The killer was hospitalized back in January for “severe intestinal bleeding,” and required surgery. According to TMZ, doctors felt Manson was too weak for surgery and sent him back to prison. It’s unknown if his current hospitalization has anything to do with this past incident. Despite his weak state, TMZ also claims the cult-leader is being guarded by five police officers.

A little over a week ago, TMZ also reported Manson had become a “model prisoner,” and hinted his new good behavior was due to old age and some health issues. The news outlet detailed a lengthy timeline of Manson’s bad-boy behavior but reportedly has been on his game the last 20 months. He was reportedly too unwell to lash out, something he wasn’t shy of in the past. Manson assaulted multiple staff members and guards throughout his prison sentence and also possessed illegal items like watches and cell phones.

Manson is currently serving nine consecutive life sentences and is eligible for parole in 2027. He has already been denied parole 12 times, and with his current health situation, it’s unlikely he will make it in front of a board in 10 years.

[Featured Image by AP Images]