Alexandra Hoyle Accused Of Killing Boyfriend’s 2-Year-Old, Slamming Child’s Head On Floor For Not Eating Food

After telling her boyfriend his 2-year-old son was injured by a dog, DeKalb, Illinois, woman Alexandra B. Hoyle was arrested by police a day later. She’s accused of slamming the little boy’s head against the floor because he refused to eat his food, which ultimately led to his death.

On November 10, Hoyle phoned the boy’s biological father, telling him that his son had been injured after being knocked over by a rambunctious dog. According to a report by the Daily Chronicle, records show that Hoyle changed her story when questioned by police, telling investigators that she had slammed the toddler’s head on the floor because he wouldn’t eat.

The little boy was initially transported to Kishwaukee Hospital at about 7:20 p.m. on Friday, the day of the incident, reports ABC 7 Chicago.

Police say hospital staff became concerned and contacted authorities about the young boy’s case because they believed the child had sustained a “severe brain injury under suspicious circumstances,” reports WSPY News. The injured boy was later taken to Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago for further treatment.

During a court hearing Monday, Hoyle began to cry when she heard about the extent of the 2-year-old’s injuries. At the time of that hearing, the toddler was in a coma and had suffered a stroke, bleeding in the brain, and bleeding in both of the retinas of his eyes, the Daily Chronicle reports.

Alexandra Hoyle accused of killing boyfriend's toddler son by slamming his head against the floor for not eating
[Image by DeKalb Police Department]

Hoyle was initially charged with aggravated battery of a child, which carries a sentence of six to 30 years behind bars if convicted. She was being held on a $500,000 bond that was reduced to $100,000 during her November 13 hearing. Tuesday, Hoyle posted bond and was released from jail, according to WSPY News.

Things, however, took a definite turn for the worse on Wednesday, November 15, when the little boy tragically died from his multiple head injuries.

As a result, the charge against Hoyle was upgraded to first-degree murder and her bond was dramatically increased to $5 million, according to WIFR.

Hoyle is now in custody and is being held in the DeKalb County jail.

DeKalb Police Chief Gene Lowry called the “tragic” death of the little boy “at the hand” of Hoyle “unthinkable,” according to WSPY News.

The Daily Chronicle notes that a preliminary hearing in the case is slated to take place on December 15 at 9 a.m.

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