Ariel Winter Talks About Her Approach To Dealing With Body Shamers And How It Used To Affect Her Confidence

Ariel Winter has been on Modern Family since she was 11-years-old, and over the years she has been the target of many trolls, bullies, and body shamers. Even when she first started on the series, there were people making fun of her body, and as she has gotten older and gone through puberty, the negative comments have just continued. Now, in a new interview, Winter is talking about her new approach to dealing with the body shamers and reflecting on how her confidence and self esteem were hurt by all the negativity over the years.

According to Us Weekly, Ariel Winter has been dealing with trolls for years and as she explained, it was very disappointing to her that people would basically hate on her for choosing to dress how she wanted, or for the way her body looked. However, while she used to lash out at her haters and feel disappointment over their comments, she has since found a better way to deal with people who leave negative comments on her posts.

In her new approach to dealing with body shamers, Ariel Winter said that “it’s difficult to not write something sassy, but I feel better when I write something positive.” Her hope is that by responding to the haters with something more positive, it may end up convincing that person not to write hurtful things in the future.

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Besides using a positive response to hopefully stop the haters in their tracks, Ariel Winter also shared that these good vibes also help her to feel better. The actress said that for her, responding with a more upbeat response “makes you feel better about yourself.”

While her new approach does help to make her feel better even when body shamers try and bring her down, Ariel Winter did admit that there are still times when she feels insecure. In order to tap back into her confidence, Winter said that she will often have to remind herself of just how proud she is of her body, or she will reflect on the many compliments that her boyfriend gives her.

Ariel Winter said that the only person who really matters is one’s self, while also pointing out that the only thing that matters is that a person is happy and confident in themselves. While it may have taken her years to get to this point, Winter is happier and more confident in herself, even if there are still people out there who would try and shame her for her body or the choices she makes in terms of the things she wears.

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