‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 117 Spoilers: Goku-Android Tag Team Vs. Universe 2, Android 35 Soon?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 official spoilers and synopsis are in, and Goku, together with the Androids, will battle Universe 2’s Ribrianne and Rosie. Will Universe 7 prevail against Universe 2’s power of love? Here are the latest spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 117, entitled “Showdown of love! The Androids vs. Universe 2!!”

Currently, Dragon Ball Super is leading to the conclusion of the Kefla and Goku battle, which took the Tournament of Power into new heights. The recent episode allowed the Potara Fusion, revealed Goku’s Ultra Instinct form, and teased the build-up of the Vegeta-centric battle. But, in Episode 117, fans are bound to witness another epic battle featuring Android 17 and 18.

After Goku’s gripping battle with Kefla, the worn out Saiyan was targeted by Universe 2’s Ribrianne. But, the Android came to save Goku from immense danger. Android 18 steps in and faces Ribrianne while Android 17 takes on Rosie in a one-on-one battle.

As the spoilers suggest, Goku and the Androids will team up to face the threats of Universe 2. So, assessing the current statistics of the characters, Android 17 is the only warrior fit to face the surge of new enemies, as Android 18 and Goku acquired severe damage from their recent fights.

Theory: Android 35 Soon?

This leads us to speculate the possibilities of a Android 17 and 18 fusion to counter Universe 2’s Ribrianne and Rosie. Are we going to see Android 35 soon? The interest of the other Universes toward fusions increased when Zeno allowed Caulifla and Kale to use the Potara Earrings. Beerus, on the other hand, requested Shin’s Potara Earrings, probably planning to execute a fusion as one of their trump cards.

So, these give us two options, Android 17 and 18 or Goku and Vegeta fusion. Will Beerus support the Android’s merging? Or, the plans to use it for Goku and Vegeta? It is not too outlandish to speculate knowing that the Tournament of Power is drawing to a conclusion. All Universes are now preparing to reveal their secret weapons to win the tournament. It’s another exciting event to anticipate in Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday in Japan and is available via Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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