Clinton Kelly Blocked By Stacy London, ‘The Chew’ Co-Host Calls Out Former Friend

Clinton Kelly and Stacy London were a match made in fashion heaven. They spent a lot of time together while filming the now-defunct TLC show What Not to Wear. Kelly and London were thought to be the best of friends, but that changed when he released a memoir and commented on their relationship. In fact, that is what is believed to have prompted the silent feud between the two.

Earlier this year, Clinton Kelly released a memoir. In it, he described a tumultuous relationship with Stacy London. The two worked well over 40-hour weeks filming What Not to Wear. Kelly explained that he either loved London or despised her, with nothing in between. He further dissed her when implying spending that much time with someone you didn’t choose was torturous. The two have not been friendly since the memoir was released, but nothing was thought about it until now.

After spending a decade together, it looks like Clinton Kelly and Stacy London are no longer on speaking terms at all. According to Us Weekly, Clinton Kelly was blocked on Twitter by Stacy London. He announced the shock on the social media platform, complete with a screenshot. What Not to Wear fans immediately began commenting on the post, which prompted Kelly to clear some things up. He is not spilling any tea because it is “old.” Whatever happened between the two clearly happened a while back.

The ironic part of all of this is that someone called out Clinton Kelly for starting drama when he doesn’t even follow Stacy London. From there, the Chew co-host snapped back that he noticed she blocked him because they were tagged together in the same tweet. It seems like the two definitely had a falling out, but it went without notice and likely didn’t play out on social media. Now that Kelly has moved on with a new show and a new direction, it seems that London was left in the past.

Stacy London has not commented on the Twitter shout out from Clinton Kelly. She knows what happened, but has not addressed it at all. In fact, both parties responded to the initial tweet, which prompted the drama that is now being discussed. Kelly and London are no longer friends, and the illusion of how close they were for What Not To Wear fans has been shattered.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]