Pick-Up Time Changing For Disney’s Magical Express Due To Advanced Security Screenings

Everyone knows that TSA security screenings have become very advanced in the past few years, and the past couple of months have caused extended delays in numerous airports. Those delays in security are also causing a number of changes outside of the airports as well and they’ve hit Walt Disney World. For anyone using Disney’s Magical Express, you need to know that pick-up times have changed, and you’ll need to be at the airport even earlier.

In just the last few months, changes to security screenings performed by the Transportation Security Administration have caused delays for many travelers. They have had to deal with taking almost all electronics out of their bags as well as having all food items receive some added security.

For anyone visiting Walt Disney World soon, you’re going to need to allow some extra time when the day comes for you to return home. According to WDWNT, the extra security screenings brought in by TSA are causing Disney’s Magical Express to change their pick-up times for those heading back to the Orlando International Airport.

For all departure flights, guests leaving Walt Disney World will now need to be picked up from their resort hotel four hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

The change in resort pick-up times for Disney’s Magical Express is expected to go into effect on Friday, November 17, 2017.

Travelers at Orlando International Airport (MCO) have been experiencing huge delays when going through security for their flights. Even during the middle of the day on weekdays has not caused the wait times to lower, and Disney wants to make sure that their guests do not miss their departing flights when heading home.

As Disney previously stated, guests taking departing domestic flights needed to be picked up three hours prior to their scheduled time. It was four hours for international departing flights, but it will be that way for all.

At the current time, Disney is bringing in the change for the busy holiday season and plans to evaluate things again once 2018 arrives. When that time comes, if the system is working or found to be necessary, the changes to Disney’s Magical Express could become permanent. For now, guests will need to know that when leaving Walt Disney World, they’re going to have to head back to the airport even earlier than usual.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]