Backstage News About Ric Flair’s WWE Return This Week

On SmackDown Live, Charlotte Flair captured the SmackDown Women’s Title from Natalya before WWE Survivor Series this Sunday. It was rumored all week that the title change could happen, but it was still the big moment Charlotte needed to cement her run as a top babyface. However, most of her title victories have always included a huge celebration with her father. Despite some teasing, this title win wasn’t an exception.

Almost everyone expected his return, but it was still a great moment to see The Nature Boy back on WWE television even for a brief appearance. Ric Flair is scheduled for WWE Starrcade and the 25th-anniversary show for Monday Night Raw in January. After the past few months, the WWE Universe will be ecstatic to see Flair on WWE television. The only question is how much of him will we see over the next few months.

It’s being reported that Charlotte sold her Dad’s appearance as a surprise, but the likelihood is she and a lot of people backstage were aware that Ric Flair was backstage on SmackDown Live. Before the show aired, a few pictures made their way onto social media. It did not take away from the moment after Charlotte’s title win, but it wasn’t the same surprise to many people backstage as it turned out to be for the WWE Universe.

Ric Flair Surprised Charlotte On WWE Television
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In regards to The Nature Boy’s health, his condition is stable but he’s still pretty weak. Apparently, his one-off appearance this week on SmackDown Live was only the third time Flair has been out of his home since he returned from the hospital. It’s being said that Ric still can’t lift weights or workout too intensely, so he’s being left without a ton to do. There is no doubt that returning to WWE television was a huge deal for him.

It’s been reported that Charlotte winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship was a booking decision made because of the additional media attention on Ric Flair after his health scare and the ESPN 30 f0r 30 documentary garnering so much praise. WWE officials thought it was the right time to give Charlotte a big win and Flair the big moment. Based on his momentum, Ric Flair should be back on WWE television soon.

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