Could Jill Duggar Defy Her Husband Derick Dillard And Continue On ‘Counting On’?

Derick Dillard’s controversial tweets over the past year have gotten him removed from his family’s hit spin-off, Counting On. Dillard’s time on the network is clearly over, but what about his wife, Jill Duggar? Will Duggar go rogue and remain on the show without her husband?

Romper reports that TLC ditched Dillard after his tweets about Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen who also has a show on the network. Dillard espoused his conservative views regarding Jennings’ sexual orientation and told his followers that being transgender is a myth.

Fans reacted negatively to the post and TLC later issued a statement about Dillard’s future on the show. The network explained how Dillard has not been involved in the series for months and that he will not be featured in the future.

Dillard’s actions led to his removal, but they also put Jill Duggar in an awkward situation. On the one hand, Duggar is very close to her husband and will likely stand by him despite the issues. On the other hand, Duggar is also close to her family and has been an important part of Counting On, and its predecessor, 19 Kids and Counting.

Duggar will appear on the new season for sure, but it isn’t clear if she will be a part of the series moving forward. With her husband getting the boot, Duggar’s appearances could also be limited in future seasons.

Counting On hasn’t issued a new installment in weeks. This season, Jill Duggar and her husband moved back to the United States after doing mission work in Central America for the past two years. Dillard is currently a student at a ministry school in Arkansas while Duggar is raising their two boys, Samuel and Israel.

Although Dillard has faced a lot of criticism this year, Ok Magazine reports that he isn’t shying away from the spotlight. Despite his controversial rants on Twitter, Dillard recently posted a video on social media thanking fans for supporting his upcoming mission trip. Dillard started the fundraiser just a day before TLC announced his removal from the network.

Jill Duggar has not commented about her future on Counting On.

[Featured Image by The Duggar Family/Facebook]