‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Keeps The Truth About The Real Jason Secret, Kim Nero Could Expose It

General Hospital (GH) spoilers state that Franco (Roger Howarth) is convinced that he knows which of the twins is the real Jason Morgan. However, he has chosen to keep the information to himself for reasons that are the subject of speculation among GH fans.

The most obvious possible reason why Franco is unwilling to share evidence that could resolve the Jason twin puzzle is that he is afraid that it threatens his relationship with Liz (Rebecca Herbst).

This could mean that he believes Patient 6 is the real Jason. Furnishing information that favors Patient 6 could amount to promoting a mortal enemy and a love rival for Liz. Liz and the classic Jason had been lovers, and Jake (Hudson West) the product of the relationship. Franco would certainly feel more comfortable with Miller’s Jason as the real Jason Morgan than Burton’s.

Franco could fear that once Patient 6 establishes his identity as the real Jason Morgan, it is only a matter of time for Burton’s Jason to revive their old, deadly rivalry. He could also fear that Liz and Jason would rekindle their relationship.

However, Franco could be mistaken in his fears and his recourse to deception and lies to protect his relationship with Liz could eventually backfire. In the first place, the notion that the return of the real Jason Morgan to Port Charles jeopardizes his relationship with Liz is questionable, as it is based on the assumption that Sam won’t ditch Drew (the current Jason Morgan) as soon as it becomes clear that Patient 6 is the real Jason Morgan.

If Sam ditches Billy Miller’s Jason for Steve Burton’s, then it is less unlikely that Burton’s Jason Morgan would pose a direct threat to the security of his relationship with Liz. On the contrary, Franco’s sense of insecurity which results in bad decision-making, lies, deception, and general deviousness, could end up creating a crisis of trust between him and Liz. Thus, rather than Jason Morgan being the reason why their relationship fails, Franco’s unwise actions based on mistaken fears could end up the reason why his relationship with Liz fails.

However, General Hospital spoilers state that while Franco struggles to conceal information that he believes is the answer to the Jason twin puzzle, others set to work to unravel the mystery.

Patient 6 already has the support of Sonny (Maurice Bernard), Carly (Laura Wright) and Diane (Carolyn Hennesy). Carly and Sonny will rely on Robin (Kimberly McCullough) to unearth information about Drew. General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 20 indicate that Patient 6 will also win the support of Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Michael (Chad Duell).

Spoilers tease that Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) will also become involved in the effort to identify the real Jason Morgan. However, it remains to be seen which side he takes, Jason’s (Billy Miller) or Patient 6’s. He could be torn between the two and end up working only to unravel the truth regardless of whose ox is gored. However, since Spinelli had known the classic Jason, most fans think that it would be nearly impossible for him to look into Patient 6’s eyes without seeing evidence of the real Jason Morgan.

General Hospital buzz indicate that Tamara Braun’s character arrives in Port Charles on November 22. She and her son Oscar (Garren Stitt) will join Carly and Sonny Corinthos for Thanksgiving.

A recent GH promo video shows Braun looking stunned at the sight of someone or something unexpected. Fans assume that she saw Patient 6 at the Corinthos’ Thanksgiving gathering and immediately recognized him as her son’s long-lost father. However, others have suggested that since Drew is Patient’s 6’s identical twin, Kim might have mistaken Patient 6 for Drew. That is, Kim’s past relationship might have been with Drew before his face was altered through surgery.

This means that Kim could become a vital source of information about Drew. However, Kim might not be so open about the details of her past with Drew if she has secrets of her own to keep. It has been suggested that being a doctor, she might have played a role in the memory transplant experiments.

Everybody seems to have abandoned Miller’s Jason, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) could provide invaluable support.

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