‘The Sims 4’ DLC Rumor: Seasons Expansion To Follow ‘Cats And Dogs’?

Now that The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs is finally out, some gamers have started to turn their attention to figuring out the next downloadable content (DLC) the game will get, and it seems the developers are making it easy for them to do so.

Sims Community believes that the seasons-themed expansion will be the next big release, and Maxis and the Sims Studio peppered the pets-focused DLC with clues.

The abovementioned publication says that there are a lot of designs in The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs they believe the developers deliberately incorporated to give gamers a hint that the seasons DLC is next line.

First is an object called 6 Days of Pets, which comes with only four presets that represent typical season colors used in the Sims games in the past.

The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs also happens to be the only DLC released in the game so far that added trees with autumn leaves, which gamers can find at the Brindleton Bay. On the whole, the trees in this location appear to adjust to the weather too.

More on the intriguing foliage, Maxis and the Sims Studio added new trees with presets that basically represent the decaying and blooming process they typically undergo.

A Sim bonds with her pets in 'The Sims 4'
A screenshot from 'The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs' [Image by Electronic Arts]

Sims Community points out that the Cavalier Cove Beach in The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs also features Sim silhouettes ashore donning bikinis and bathing suits as they fly kites, which appear to be exclusive to this area of the DLC.

Game designer SimGuruDaniel also hinted that the seasons DLC is on the way to The Sims 4 when he commented on a Reddit post that it is possible the stray cats and dogs will not be left out in the snow or rain by the time the said expansion comes along.

Meanwhile, readers pointed out how the Sims 4 pets DLC also features clothing and other items with seasons-type design, including leaves and snowflakes. Ugg and rain boots for kids were even made available.

All this has many gamers thinking that the DLC to follow up Cats and Dogs will indeed finally add seasons to The Sims 4. Of course, this is only pure speculation, so gamers are advised to take it with a pinch of salt.

[Featured Image by Electronic Arts]